Boat-Club-logo-ArticleMr Toby Lister, the Director of Rowing, invites Head of the River Crews and their Parents to the End-of-Season Rowing function.

Date: Sunday 24 March 2019
Venue: David Darling Play House, SPACE, Corio Campus
Time: 11.30 am for 12.00 noon
Dress: Jacket and Tie for adults; GGS No1’s for students
Cost: $45 (Parents); $40 (Students)
RSVP: Parents, please book your attendance online, below by Monday 18 March
Enquiries: Iga Bajer, Support Group & Event Coordinator; events@ggs.vic.edu.au; ph: (+61 3) 5227 6285

Please note: Attendance of HoR Crews (both Middle and Senior School) is compulsory, and the cost of $40 (Students) will be charged to the School account. However, if you’d rather also pay for the student’s ticket upfront, you are most welcome to do that at the time of your online booking. We will ensure the student account will not be double-charged.

IMPORTANT: If a Rower is unable to attend the Luncheon, please send through their apology to Iga Bajer - by the RSVP date - so the school account is not charged for non-attendance.


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