Scholarships have been a consistent part of the story of Geelong Grammar School since 1855, when the sons of the early Western District pastoralists enrolled at Geelong Grammar School. There have been many examples of philanthropic support for students who did not have the means to attend the School or assistance for those students whose families had fallen on hard times. Scholarships are a vital ingredient in the lifeblood of the School. These awards benefit the individual students, but their present enriches the whole school.

Scholarships have the power to be life-changing, as they bring diversity within the community and provide future students with a range of opportunities which they otherwise would not be able to access. Generous gifts from donors allow the School to provide 25% of secondary students with financial assistance through the scholarship programme. Great schools like Geelong Grammar School change lives and help create exceptional futures.

The Geelong Grammar Foundation is extremely fortunate to have many generous and supportive community members who have chosen to support a named scholarship. The goal is to provide more opportunities to deserving students who simply cannot experience the exceptional education which Geelong Grammar School provides.