The commencement of VCE and IB examinations provides many pertinent reminders for all of us who are invested in the educational journey of a child. It is a symbol that a journey is coming to an end with the final great challenge. It is a reminder of the great emotional investment that everyone commits to in joining a child on their educational journey. It is a reminder that success is an accumulation of actions over time, often achieved only after great toil. It is a reminder that although everyone attains different levels of academic achievement, this reflects life, and we must do the best with the opportunities presented to us. It is a reminder also of how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to experience a wonderful education and the gratitude that should bring. I am certain each person will have their own reflection about the purpose and value of final year examinations, I have learnt to see them as a great hope and symbol for a wonderful future.

I often speak about the importance of recognising that examinations are an opportunity to demonstrate to yourself how much you have learnt through a given period of time. Some of the learning will be very hard to come by, while, frustratingly, others seem to acquire it simply. Nevertheless, whatever our outcomes we have accumulated knowledge and understanding across the year and in the case of year 12 students, across many years. I believe everyone experiences joy when they acquire a new skill or knowledge. Sometimes the realisation we have learnt something new takes us by surprise, and it is perhaps then that the joy is most stark for us. Nevertheless, learning is a wonderous thing regardless of age. I wish all of our students the best of luck.

Steven Church

Head of Corio Campus