Pastoral Care, Corio

In each House, day and boarding, students are surrounded by a supportive network of people concerned for their wellbeing and growth. This includes the Head of House, Assistant Head of House, House Mentor, House Assistant and a committed team of academic and support staff. The people primarily responsible for student care (Head of House, Resident Mentor and House Assistant) live with their families attached to the boarding houses.

The Mentoring System

Every student at Corio is part of a House-based Mentor group which usually consists of around ten to fifteen students. The Mentor Groups span the year levels; Year 7 to 8; and Year 10 to 12. This vertical structure is more reflective of family makeup and provides an opportunity for the older students to become role models to the younger ones. The focus of a Mentor is to monitor the wellbeing, academic and personal progress of every student and provide continual feedback to the pastoral care team for each students growth and development status.

Every student is seen, cared for, listened to, respected, and supported through our comprehensive support network touching base with students daily.

Student Wellbeing

We believe that wellbeing must be placed at the heart of education for our students to have the greatest chance to learn, grow and become the best version of themselves, in other words, to flourish. Our Navigate programme for Middle School students and Pathways programme for Senior School students brings another layer of focus and support to proactively facilitate the social, emotional, physical and academic wellbeing of our students.

Pastoral Care, Timbertop

There is a well-considered and thoughtful pastoral support structure in place at Timbertop. Careful planning takes place before a student arrives, considering each student’s academic, personal, emotional and social development needs.

The Head of Unit is most directly involved with students in their Unit and takes overall responsibility for their wellbeing, academic and personal progress.

Further pastoral support is available to students from the Head of Timbertop, the Campus Directors of Student Wellbeing, and counsellors and psychologists from the local community who visit Timbertop regularly.

We endeavour for all students to have a person on campus with whom they feel comfortable talking about any problems they might be experiencing.