An integral part of school life

Geelong Grammar School offers a truly unique experience as one of the leading boarding schools in Victoria. The majority of students at Corio Campus, and all students at Timbertop Campus, are boarding students living away from home. Boarding forms the fabric of our School, and it is through boarding, in combination with co-education, that students are set up for success.

Reflecting the wider world

Our Corio and Timbertop Campuses are co-educational boarding schools.

Students educated in a co-educational boarding school are prepared socially, ethically and intellectually for life after school. Male and female students interact, learn together and contribute to an overall sense of community, learning how to respect and support one another.

Co-educational boarding also ensures that families can send all of their children to Geelong Grammar School together. This continuity and connectedness benefits them and provides a robust support network.

Life at Corio Campus

Students can attend Corio Campus as day students, weekly boarders or full boarders in Middle School, and day boarders or full boarders in Senior School. Our School attracts students from the local Geelong region, metropolitan Melbourne, regional, rural, interstate and overseas locations. There are no limits to the friendships that can be fostered, and the global outlooks that can be formed.

Life at Corio Campus

Life at Timbertop

All students attend Timbertop as full boarders and participate in all facets of the educational experience, seven days a week.

We regard both of our boarding campuses as some of the best boarding schools in Australia, but there is something truly unique about Timbertop. Every week is a busy week, and every day is timetabled and well structured around class time, unit time, study time, running time, chapel time, jobs and service, and the necessities of eating and sleeping. Weekends (Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday) are spent engaging in the Outdoors, Community Service or Co-curricular Programmes. There is never a dull moment at Timbertop!

Life at Timbertop

Boarding scholarships

Over 800 of our students are boarders, many of whom are able to do so through our extensive scholarship programme. Our boarding scholarships help students and families cover the costs of both tuition and boarding life for the duration of their time at Geelong Grammar School.

Boarding scholarships are awarded across a number of categories, including Academic, Music, Visual Art, Sport and General Excellence.

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