The gift of education

Scholarships have been a consistent part of the story of Geelong Grammar and are a vital ingredient in the continuing diversity and vibrancy of our learning community. We celebrate an enduring culture and commitment to giving, whether through the spirit of service or more fundamentally enabling an education for those students who otherwise may not have this opportunity.

Generous gifts from donors allow the School to support over two hundred students through our scholarship programme each year, and an additional one hundred students currently receive a bursary or concessional support.

Applications for the 2024 Scholarship programme are open.

Scholarship Programme Overview

Through the generosity of our School community, we offer a broad range of scholarships to students of exemplar character and commitment in the areas of Academics, Choral, General Excellence, Music, Sport, Visual Arts, and other areas from time to time. Boarding, Rural and Regional Scholarships and Old Geelong Grammarian Scholarships are an important part of our Scholarships programme.

Scholarships are awarded to new and currently enrolled students.  Some scholarships are offered to primary age students, but the majority are awarded for entry in secondary years, across boarding and day student enrolment.

Scholarships and year of entry

 Year 5 entryYear 6 entryYear 7 entryYear 8 entryYear 9 entryYear 10 entryYear 11 entry
General Excellence
Rural and Regional
Visual Arts
*Boarding scholarships are available across all the categories.

The overriding purpose is to provide access to exceptional learning opportunities for students who share the values of our School community, are highly committed to giving their personal best, and in doing so, act as positive role models for their peers, our School community and more broadly.

Each award has different criteria and is described on the individual award page.

Please know that our School receives a high level of applications each year. Unfortunately, there is a greater level of unsuccessful students than those awarded a scholarship.

Scholarships are awarded one year ahead of commencement.

Key dates for the 2024 scholarships (Academic, Choral, General Excellence, Music, Rural and Regional, Visual Arts):

  • Applications open: Monday 31st October 2022
  • Applications close: Friday 3rd February 2023
  • Scholarship examination: Saturday 18th February 2023
  • First round interviews: April 2023
  • Second round interviews (if required): May-June 2023
  • Outcomes: Scholarship outcomes communicated to families by June 2023

Key dates for the 2024 scholarships (Sports):

  • Expressions of interest open: Monday 20 March 2023
  • Expressions of interest close: Monday 31 July 2023
  • Student Interviews: August 2023

Boarding Scholarships

Boarding scholarships are awarded to students who are entering the School across Year Levels 7 to Year 11, across all of the scholarship categories.
Each category has specific criteria for eligibility and the level of award.

Which category to apply for

Rural and Regional Scholarships

For students with a permanent home address that is located in a rural, regional or remote area within Australia who otherwise would not have an opportunity to attend the School.

Awarded to students who demonstrate sound academic attitude and achievement, exemplary work ethic and character, and all-round ability and enthusiasm across a broad range of disciplines.

Rural and Regional scholarships fall within the General Excellence scholarship category, therefore, applicants interested in a Rural and Regional scholarship should apply for a General Excellence scholarship.  Families from rural, regional and remote areas will automatically be considered eligible.

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Academic Scholarships

Awarded to students of exceptional academic potential who demonstrate excellence across a broad range of disciplines.

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General Excellence Scholarships

Awarded to students who demonstrate sound academic attitude and achievement, exemplary work ethic and character, and all-round ability and enthusiasm across a broad range of disciplines.

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Music Scholarships

Awarded to students who demonstrate excellence in music and musical performance.

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Sports Scholarships

Awarded to talented athletes who show exceptional sporting promise at an elite level.

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Visual Arts Scholarships

The Russell Drysdale Visual Arts Scholarship is open to a new student who demonstrates outstanding abilities in both the practical and theoretical aspects of the Visual Arts.

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Choral Scholarships

Awarded to students with previous choral or vocal experience and have a love of singing.

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Past scholar

This opportunity at Geelong Grammar has completely changed my life. I’ve had all these incredible experiences here. I got to lead our team to the best season Geelong Grammar has had, I’ve made incredible friends here as well. Some of the best friends I’ve ever had. I get a bit emotional talking about it, because there is so much to talk about."

Geelong Grammar Foundation

Our students today are supported in their access to exceptional learning opportunities through the ongoing generosity of our community — a community that believes in the transformational strength of education. We would like to acknowledge the kindness of donors and members of the Foundation for supporting our current and future students through the following named scholarships.