Christus Nobis Factus Sapientia

Across all our campuses, we understand that learning to be wise is connected to developing a sense of belonging and confidence in this world; a sense that is enlivened by the gift of exceptional education.

For us, wisdom emerges through the challenge of adventure, from connection with nature, from a deliberate commitment to wellness, through curiosity and creative imagination, from choosing kind, compassionate, ethical actions, and through purposeful reflection and perspective. Each day, our expert educators enable wisdom by intersecting the science of learning with the art of teaching. Fostering proficiency and discernment is a priority, so that all our young people have the skills and spirit to absorb, question, challenge and reflect upon what they learn, and to know the differences between data, information, knowledge and wisdom.

Often, the capacity of young people to demonstrate wisdom is underestimated. This is not what we know. Wisdom can be developed in every life phase or at any age.  We invite you to visit our campuses to experience first-hand the uniqueness of our approach.

Early Learning

Celebrating the curious and capable

Our image of the child this young is curious and capable, intrinsically motivated to explore, discover and construct learning. The Reggio Emilia Approach and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Year Programme (PYP) guide us. We believe the environment is the third teacher; our classrooms and learning spaces are bright, engaging, and abundant in opportunity for active learning and guided inquiry.

Primary Years

Inspiring responsible lifelong learners

We believe that we’re ‘doing it differently’ in primary education by introducing agency to our children early, for we know that that there is more in young people than they possibly realise. The Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate (IB) provides the framework for our curriculum, and together with our three strategic pillars, Adventure Education, Creative Education and Positive Education, we provide a truly rich, vibrant and inspiring education for every child, setting a firm foundation for their future years.

Primary and Secondary Years

Energising confidence and camaraderie with purposeful choice and challenge

Our Corio Campus is home to students from Year 5 to Year 8 (Middle School) and Year 10 to Year 12 (Senior School). As a day school and a boarding school, we offer abundant opportunities for every student both inside and outside the classroom. Our talented and dedicated educators serve as mentors, coaches and boarding house supervisors, oftentimes working with individuals several times a day. Understanding students through each of these lenses means we can get to know each student and their needs, strengthening authentic relationships and inspiring confidence, trust and growth.

Corio Campus

The Timbertop Year

There is more in us than we know

Over a full year, students study, work, live, hike, run, ski, canoe, raft and camp together. They spend over 50 nights of the year sleeping under the stars. They traverse snow fields and climb mountains. They live with 15 other students in a small Unit. They engage in a rigorous academic programme whilst learning to work in a group, care for each other, and become independent. They are removed from the distractions of social media and technology, communicating with loved ones via handwritten letters. Each day, students are reminded and provided opportunities to demonstrate their capacity for kindness, honesty and effort.

Timbertop Campus

Inspiring their personal best

From early childhood to Year 12, our deliberately structured curriculum is focused on the total growth of the developing child.

We begin by setting the firm foundations for a life-long love of learning. Independence and breath of opportunity increase as our students progress through each year level and move seamlessly through the campuses. Every student is supported in achieving their personal best and pursuing their individual passions and goals.


Our inspiring teaching community

Students flourish with the help and encouragement of highly skilled and passionate educators who are committed to empowering students along their own learning path.

We understand the importance of their contribution to bringing out the best in each child, and take tremendous care in the selection and appointment of Geelong Grammar School educators, and by continually investing in our staff to promote the most effective teaching and learning outcomes.

Employment Opportunities