More than a school

Within a distinct village setting overlooking the bay, Corio Campus provides a safe, vibrant living and learning environment for over 800 students. Every individual is encouraged to see and experience the full richness of the world through confident eyes.

Both boarding and day students enjoy complete immersion in academics, sports, music, drama, art, community, leadership, wellbeing and growth programmes, complemented by individualised study support, boundless opportunities that extend well beyond classroom learning, world-class facilities, and most importantly, exceptional staff who are readily accessible and wholeheartedly committed to supporting each student in striving towards their personal best.

Middle School

For students from Year 5 to Year 8

We understand that during the period between primary and secondary education, the relationship between independence and interdependence is complex. There is the desire for space and exploration and, yet the need for structure and support.

Our Middle School programme focuses on providing a stimulating environment with diverse experiences that nurture a confidence in learning, an enthusiasm for a broad range of activities, respect for others and a desire to contribute to the community.

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Senior School

For students from Year 10 to Year 12

Our comprehensive and challenging academic and co-curricular programmes in Senior School aim to create independent, confident learners; young people of integrity and compassion who will contribute purposefully to an increasingly interdependent world. Our students commit themselves to achieving their personal goals and they contribute to the relaxed yet busy atmosphere of the School.

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We ask all our students to participate fully, to be active in their evolution, and to know that the sky’s the limit for what they can achieve.

Purposeful learning pathways

Our academic programme provides choice and challenge. In their final school years, students can pursue a pathway that is aligned to their interests, talents and goals through the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme. Our commitment to both programmes reflects the diversity of our young people’s future aspirations and the multiplicity of pathways they may follow.


Supporting wellness and progress

Our School is committed to encouraging young people to be deeply well and purposeful in their life.

Students at Corio Campus participate in the Navigate programme for Middle School students and Pathways programme for Senior School students. Across both programmes, students engage with a learning coach who facilitate the identification and pursuit of goals for wellbeing and stretching students to achieve their personal best.

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Enlivening camaraderie and school spirit

Sport is an integral part of a student’s time at Corio Campus. Not only does it establish the value of healthy active living, it also exposes our learners to the importance of sportsmanship, commitment, and overcoming challenges.

Sport brings a vital balance to academic life and whilst we do not prescribe what sport students are involved in, we do insist that students are involved with something. We want every student to experience the thrill and benefits that physical activity brings and hope that the habits acquired through our sporting programme stay with our students for life.

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Expressing what lies within

The Arts have long been a central and vital plank in Geelong Grammar’s curriculum and character. Our vibrant Visual Art, Drama and Music programmes help students to speak in their own special voice, to discover their own rhythms, craft their own creations and find ways of expressing proudly what lies within. An education rich in the Arts strengthens not only creative imagination but has the capacity to engender cultural awareness, social connection and expanding one’s perspective.

Meaningful relationships are at the core of student life at Corio.

Our dedicated and expert staff serve as teaches, coaches, tutors, and guides, understanding each individual student’s strengths and needs so that they may flourish.

Our Houses

There are so many things that make an education at Corio so special, but one of the most memorable elements is life in the House. Each House has its own unique character, personality and rhythm, but all embody an overarching ethos of consideration for others, acceptance, friendship and trust. These are the places where lifelong friendships are made.

What's it like as a boarder?

From rising time until lights out, life as a boarder is busy and active.

The daily routines for Day and Boarding students in Middle School and Senior School are slightly different. Still, the opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, camaraderie and highest levels of individual support are similar, offering a rich educational experience to all.

Life at Corio Campus

The space to flourish

Established in 1914, Corio Campus sits on a private 230-hectare estate in the outskirts of Geelong and an hour south of Melbourne, completely removed from local traffic or the bustle and distractions of city living. Combining beautiful architecture, both old and new, ample open space and playing fields, our students enjoy a safe, exceptional environment to learn, contribute and thrive.