A welcoming and busy community

A student’s life at Corio Campus is an active, busy and purposeful one, where learning, personal growth and exploration are top priorities and where programmes, activities and opportunities are abundant.

Corio Campus comprises a learning community of students from Years 5 to Year 8, and Years 10 to Year 12. We have a long tradition of boarding and over the years have adapted to meet the changing needs of our students and families, offering a rich educational experience to all.

Middle School (Yr 5-8)

Life as a Day Student

Middle School

Day students (Years 5-8) enjoy the benefits and advantages that the boarding structure offers whilst enjoying the comforts of home. Day students become members of one of our co-educational day houses: Otway and Highton. With a slightly longer school day, until 5 pm several nights a week, students can participate in after-school sport and co-curricular activity before returning home each day.

Daily Routine of a Day Student

Life as a Boarder

Middle School

Boarding starts from Year 7, where students become active members of Kunuwarra, girls boarding house, or Parrwang, boys boarding house with the flexibility of full boarding or weekly boarding.

Evenings and weekends are structured to ensure a happy balance between academic studies, sport and co-curricular activities, and the essential element of social and free time.

Daily Routine of a Boarder

Senior School (Yr 10-12)

Life as a boarder

In Senior School, boarding students are integral members of our eight Boarding Houses; four for girls and four for boys. Regardless of House, the opportunities – academic, social, cultural, sporting – are endless.

Senior School students enjoy greater flexibility in their day than previously. Some lessons may be for independent study time to develop the vital skill of self-organisation and taking increased responsibility for learning.

Daily routine of a Boarder

Life as a day boarder

Immersed in almost all aspects of boarding life, day boarders (Year 10 to 12) enjoy lunch and dinner on campus, participate in after school sports and co-curricular activities most afternoons and complete Prep (homework) under the guidance of Mentors in the House of an evening. The main difference between full boarding students and day boarding students is that day boarders return to their families each weeknight and spend the weekend at home.

As a current day boarder has told us, ‘You get all the benefits of being at a boarding school – except we get to come home, see our family and pets, and sleep in our own bed!’

Daily routine of a Day Boarder

Our Houses

Boarding Houses’ are far more than places of residence; they are vibrant, close-knit communities where staff and students develop close working relationships and where the opportunities for pastoral care, individual attention and supervised study are greatly enhanced. Together, our great Houses make the great community at Corio.

The Pastoral Care Programme

Where everyone is known

The House system underpins student care throughout Corio and ensures that every student is visible. Pastoral care is the responsibility of all staff; boarding, teaching, supporting, sports coaches, school counsellors and psychologists, school nurses and Chaplain. If a student needs to discuss any concern or issue, they will always have someone to turn to and someone watching out for them.


Pastoral Care

Health and Medical Care

They are in good hands

Students at Corio are well cared for by a qualified team of nurses, counsellors, psychologists and staff at the Kennedy Health Centre. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week; staff are always on hand to care for students in the event of illness, accident or emergency. In addition, confidential counselling services are available by appointment to support educational, behavioural, emotional, psychological, social and developmental concerns.


Eating Healthily, Every Day

Wholesome nutritious meals

Day students, day boarders and boarders eat in one of Corio’s two dining halls, Middle School students often eat in the Darling Hall, and Senior School students eat in the Dining Hall. Three times a day, our students dine on healthy and wholesome food with a wide range of options, where special dietary requirements are catered for at every meal.