For more than 165 years, Geelong Grammar has been pioneering transformative experiences and progressive choices in education. Such choices are founded upon a balanced and holistic education for our young people: optimising our students’ academic agency and efficacy is aligned with appreciating how essential it is to support each learner athletically, creatively, emotionally, intellectually, morally, socially, and spiritually.

Our Focus

Enabling Wisdom – Christus Nobis Factus Sapientia

Our Purpose

Intersecting the science of learning and the art of teaching to shape a better world

Our Spirit

Making a positive difference

Our Character

Our principles lie in not just instilling knowledge that allows students to get from A to B.

As Geelong Grammar students go forth into the world, we want to have strengthened in them courage, compassion and curiosity, as empowered individuals who will proactively seek to make a positive difference towards shaping a better world.


Strengthening agency and grit


Seeking to understand


Supporting shared humanity

Strategic Imperatives

Parents of today value choice in the educational environment to best suit their child’s and their family’s needs. We’re a choice for families who want their children to be safe, well and purposeful at school; for families who seek an environment that prioritises ethicality, collaboration, inclusivity, progression and substantiation.


Modelling ethical standards and behaviour


Collaborating proactively and professionally to encourage, support and improve engagement


Encouraging and celebrating diversity and thinking that underpins justice, acceptance, trust and compassion


Committing to a rigorous improvement agenda that prioritises contemporary practices


Evidence-based decision making to inform professional practice

Educational Pillars

We have three strategic educational pillars that underpin our approach to an Exceptional Education. It is our vision that all students, at every campus, will experience learning across these pillars in a significant way.

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