We are excited to share with you our vision for a unique, purpose-built Primary School that expands the horizons of our Corio Campus.

Uniquely placed amidst expansive fields, native grasslands, forests, wetlands and coast, here our primary-aged learners will enjoy a special campus of connection – to each other, to nature, and to inquiry-based learning that ignites curiosity, creativity and imagination.

“Our new Primary School will realise the School’s vision of a learning experience that embodies the Strategic Pillars of Adventure Education, Positive Education and Creative Education, with a particular emphasis on nature and inquiry-based learning that leverages our Timbertop experience and enlivens Adventure Education for all students at Corio,” Paddy Handbury, Chair of Council, said.

Our 230-hectare Corio Campus provides the ideal natural environment to cultivate rich learning opportunities where key elements of the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) can be deeply embedded.

Here, our young learners can explore, reflect, discover, observe, climb, contribute, touch, smell, play, and thrive.

Establishing a new home of learning for our ELC and Primary aged children allows our community of parents, and students to be connected and encourages seamless transition into our Middle and Senior Years at GGS.

“Enriching the enquiry-based curriculum of the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate, our concept has three key elements: the Greenhouse – a flexible and communal campus hub; the Field Stations – modular spaces for exploration and discovery, each with unique identities informed by the natural environment; and, the Spaces Between – integrated landscape experiences inviting our learners to engage with the environment and connect with each other,” Rebecca Cody, Principal, explains.

Our exceptional teaching staff have been involved throughout the design process to ingrain the ideal conditions for learning and teaching within a Primary and Early Learning context. We have listened across multiple workshops and focus groups to ensure that at every point we are asking ‘how might the student experience be optimised?’

“We agree that effective learners require strong foundations in literacy and numeracy, yet within and of themselves, this is not enough. It is what you do with your literacy and numeracy skills that will determine your effectiveness as a learner,” Rebecca said.

“These new environments at GGS will encourage students to challenge themselves physically and socially, apply their thinking and problem solving with and through nature, and fortify their capacity for responsible risk taking: ultimately, this supports their overall wellbeing and strength of character; by shedding the fear of making mistakes in learning, our young people become more academically buoyant and resilient.”

“This is an incredibly exciting development for the School, but I acknowledge that some members of our community will be saddened at the closure of the Noble Street site, which has been home to Bostock House since 1997,” Paddy continued.

“While the site will be sold, the Bostock name will endure, with plans to preserve it in a meaningful way at Corio and to continue the nurturing community culture that is at the heart of Bostock House.”

August 2023 Update:

This project has unfortunately been delayed by complex planning matters. This delay means we sadly will not be in a position to welcome students to the new Primary School at Corio in 2024. The School is continuing collaboration with our project team of architects and builders to determine an optimal solution to deliver an exceptional primary school experience at Corio. There will be a further update to our community in early December.

For more information, and to register your interest, visit our Adventure Awaits… website.