Geelong Grammar School established the Institute of Positive Education in 2014. The Institute will enable us to develop and strengthen Positive Education within the School, but it will also give us the capacity to share our knowledge with other schools, to undertake more research in connection with leading universities and to train more teachers from other schools, as well as our parents and OGGs.

We have come a long way with Positive Education in the last six years. We have gradually increased the size of the Positive Education Department as we have increased the scale of our operations. As the first school in the world to deliver Positive Education across all of its year groups and as the leading practitioner in the delivery of Positive Education, we are now in a position to take a bigger step forward, through the creation of the Institute of Positive Education.

The Institute is led by Justin Robinson, Director of the Institute of Positive Education, assisted by a team of five staff. The Institute will be overseen by the Vice Principal, Charlie Scudamore, who will play a key role in setting up and working with the Institute.

The training programme will cover its costs, but we will be looking for philanthropic support to grow the research, development and publication strands of the Institute, as these seek to develop ideas for the greater embedding of Positive Education within schools, for the benefit of our students and students across the world. As such, the Institute has a bigger vision, which reaches out beyond Geelong Grammar School.


It has been the School's vision since the beginning of our journey with Positive Education to share knowledge and encourage practice of Positive Education. The 2009 Positive Education conferences hosted by the School and attended by nearly 300 teachers from across all states and sectors in Australia were the start of bringing this vision to life. More recently, a significant focus of our Positive Education team has been the design and development of comprehensive training materials that can be shared with our parent community and teachers from other schools to help create understanding, knowledge and practice of Positive Education.