Positive Education classes at Timbertop are taught throughout the year to all Year 9 students. The scope and sequence of the subject scaffolds the ten Resilience skills with the six pillars for living a Flourishing life. These founding principles are: Positive Purpose, Positive Emotions, Positive Accomplishment, Positive Health, Positive Relationships, and Positive Meaning. Students discover their Character Strengths that they most frequently use which in turn increases their self-awareness. Students also focus on the skills necessary to improve some or all of the resilience competencies. Students gain a conceptual understanding in these classes, but importantly practise the application of these skills with their Unit and Head of Unit during Pastoral Positive Education sessions. The knowledge and understanding of these skills is assessed at the end of Term 4, ensuring students are able to recall and apply the skills later in life when required. This is part of their preparation as they move to Senior School and life beyond.

This is not a formally assessed subject and there is no official written report.



Positive Education
Middle School - Years 5 to 8