Either Semester

Acting is believing; it is aesthetic, imaginative and creative. Acting can be exhilarating and risky. It challenges students. It can be funny or magical or moving.
As a one semester course, Year 10 Drama offers insight into the world of Drama and Theatre Arts. Our focus on collaboration and group-work develops into ensemble and individual performances. Our introduction to acting skills is complemented by discussions on applied stagecraft, theatre history and play excerpts. Students are involved in theatre games, improvisation and polished improvisation, voice work and movement. Cohesive group work is an objective in the early stages as it fosters confidence, acceptance and experimentation. Concentration on the potential of the individual inside the ensemble evolves into a dramatic production that is performed for a public audience.
Students will learn the elements of theatrical production: stage and set design, lighting, costume, make-up and sound. They will learn theatrical terms; they will read extracts from famous texts and discuss how characters might be realised and where moments of conflict or laughter might occur for an audience. Through rehearsals they will come to a greater understanding of the pitfalls and joys of theatrical performance. They will keep a written journal to record their discoveries and to evaluate their own learning in the theatre.
Assessment is based on each student’s contribution to class dramatic activities, on the contribution made to the ensemble in performance, on textual analysis, understanding of theatrical terminology and on simple design technique.


1. Classwork (75%)
2. Performance (25%)