Year 10 Positive Education imparts core skills and strategies which will assist students in their transition to Corio Campus and the Senior School. The curriculum is organised in accordance with the 6 pillars of wellbeing identified in Geelong Grammar School’s model for Positive Education. These pillars are: Positive Emotions, Positive Engagement, Positive Relationships, Positive Accomplishment, Positive Purpose and Positive Health. Students commence the year with a focus on ‘connecting to Corio’ – exploring how they can leverage their strengths to connect to their community in a proactive and productive way. A focus is also on taking personal responsibility for their wellbeing and learning by exploring core practices that support both important elements of holistic development. There is a deliberate emphasis on experiential learning throughout the course and the concepts introduced to students are supported by the latest scientific evidence from the field of Positive Psychology and other associated fields, such as neuroscience. Throughout the year, students also have the opportunity to hear from leading experts in mindfulness, neuroplasticity, and mental health.
The topics explored in Year 10 Positive Education include:

• Fostering Positive Relationships
• Leadership and Teamwork
• Demonstrating Neuroplasticity
• Grit and Deliberate Practice
• Motivation and Goal-Orientation
• Personal Wellbeing Practices
• Exploring Core Values
• Pathways to Purpose

This is not a formally assessed subject and there is no official written report.


Positive Education
Timbertop - Year 9

Positive Education
Middle School - Years 5 to 8