Year 10 at Geelong Grammar School provides an innovative and creative curriculum that develops the attitudes and skills needed for success in the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) programmes offered in the final two senior years of school. It allows for student choice, in both the core and elective components of the course.  It also builds on the skills and knowledge acquired at Timbertop.



Students study English, Mathematics, Science and Pathways as their Core Subjects in Year 10.


Elective Subjects

A wide range of elective subjects is offered. These choices reflect subjects in the VCE and the IB. Prominent in this range are Arts and Technology choices such as Art - Photography & Film, Art Studio, Visual Communication Design, Design and Technology, Music, Drama and Agriculture and Horticulture. The elective block also includes French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Being Human - How humans understand, believe and act, Coaching for Performance, Commerce - Markets, Justice and Money, Geography, History, Literature (Middle Ages, the Renaissance & the Romantics), Literature (20th & 21st Centuries) and Sport Science. These choices complete a balanced range of subjects from all of the major academic disciplines and offer something of interest and value to all students.


Students choose six semester units from the following:

Elective Subjects that must be taken for both semesters:
- Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Japanese.

Elective Subjects that can be taken in one semester or both:
- Geography (Environmental Change and Management and Geographies of Human Wellbeing), History (Ancient Worlds, Big Ideas, Making the Modern World), Music.

Subjects taken for one semester only:
- Agriculture and Horticulture, Art - Photography & Film, Art Studio, Art - Visual Communication Design, Being Human - How humans understand, believe and act, Commerce - Markets, Justice and Money, Coaching for Performance, Design and Technology Textiles or Resistant Materials, Drama, Literature (Middle Ages, the Renaissance & the Romantics), Literature (20th & 21st Centuries), Music Technology, Sport Science.
Students are encouraged to maintain breadth in their elective subjects in order to develop a range of skills and a good foundation for Years 11 and 12.

VCE Units 1/2

Students who display the academic ability and maturity in Year 9 have the option of completing either VCE Unit 1 or 2 or both in Studio Arts, Visual Communication and Design, Health and Human Development or Psychology.  An average GPA of 7 or above is required in Year 9.  

Availability of Subjects

At the completion of the subject selection process a subject may not proceed if there is an insufficient number of students choosing that subject. The students involved would be informed of the changes as soon as possible