Semester 2

Prerequisite: Students should have achieved a Grade 1 AMEB level of theory. If they have not they will be expected to attend lunchtime theory classes to achieve this. Students will work towards consolidating and extending knowledge and skills in music performance (both solo and group), composition, musical rudiments and terminology, and aural skills. Music literacy skills are developed using the Kodaly method. It is expected that a student studying Music will be having private lessons on an instrument/voice and build on their performance skills in an encouraging and non-threatening environment.

1. Solo Performance (25%)
2. Ensemble Performance (25%)
3. Classwork (30%)
4. Formal Assessment Tasks (20%)



Music Industry (VET)
Year 11 and 12

Music Performance
Year 11 and 12 - VCE

Group 6 - Music
Year 11 and 12 - IB

Music - Ensemble Class
Timbertop - Year 9

Middle School - Years 5 to 8