-Available for Years 5-12 at Corio
-Year 9 at Timbertop
-Weekend leave by arrangement and parents welcome to visit (Corio campus only)
-Sport or activity each afternoon and Saturday sport for Years 7-12.


Full Boarding is available from Years 5-8 in the Middle School, Years 10-12 in the Senior School and is compulsory for Year 9 at Timbertop. There are approximately 650 boarders at Corio, and approximately 235 at Timbertop, making full boarders approximately half of the total school population. These two campuses provide a home away from home for students from places throughout Australia and approximately 25 overseas countries.

The Boarding House

The Boarding House is far more than a place of residence; it is a vibrant, close-knit community rich in traditions. It is where staff and students develop a close working relationship; one of goodwill, trust and affection, and where the opportunities for pastoral care, individual attention and supervised study are greatly enhanced. Girls and boys learn to exercise leadership, to accept discipline, to co-operate and, best of all, to make life-long friendships. At Corio there are four boys' and four girls' boarding houses within Senior School, and two boys' and one girls' boarding houses within Middle School, each of which is like a 'mini-school within a school'.

The Boarding Environment

The School encourages a comfortable atmosphere in which students and staff live and work together seven days a week in an extended family relationship. All Boarding Houses are staffed by a resident Head of House and his or her family, a Deputy Head of House, three tutors who are also teachers at the School, and a full-time matron. Year 12 students have their own study-bed rooms, Year 11's generally share smaller rooms, and younger students are in dorm-style accommodation. All houses have common rooms, computer work areas, tennis courts and other games and recreational facilities.


-Available for Years 5-8 only
-Boarding 4-6 nights per week
-Sport or activity each afternoon
-Flexible arrangements are possible

Benefits of Weekday Boarding for Students

Weekly Boarding provides Middle School students and their families with the opportunity to combine the best of both worlds. If you're a Weekly Boarder you can stay overnight in one of the three Middle School Boarding Houses 4-6 nights per week, but spend most weekends at home. This means that the majority of your study and school activities take place at supervised sessions throughout the week, leaving you free to spend time with your family at the weekends.

Benefits of Weekday Boarding for Parents

Parents of Weekly Boarders can be freed of the commitments involved in transporting and supervising their children during the week, yet can look forward to having them home for family time at weekends. There is also the flexibility of boarding extra days or weekends when parents have travel commitments or are required to deal with unexpected situations.


-Available for Years 5-8 and 10-12 at Corio
-From 8.20am to 8.30pm Monday to Thursday (6.15pm on Friday)
-Sport or activity each afternoon
-Includes lunch, dinner and supervised study in Day Houses with shared and group study facilities

The best of both worlds

Students can experience many of the benefits of boarding as day boarders. Day Boarding is available to students from Years 5-8 in the Middle School and Years 10-12 in the Senior School, both located at Corio. Many parents and students consider day boarding to be 'the best of both worlds'. All day boarders are members of a house community - either Fraser or Allen in the Senior School, or Highton or Otway in the Middle School. Each day boarding house has the full facilities of a boarding house, but without dormitories. There are kitchen facilities for making warm drinks and snacks and a common/games room. In addition, Year 12 students have their own study room, Year 11s have twin-share studies, and the younger students have study rooms with individual cubicles.

A day in the life of a Day Boarder

Day Boarders generally arrive by 8.20am for House Assembly. Following this, students have study time or Chapel or music practice before classes start at 9.00am. All staff and students - Boarders and Day Boarders - enjoy a hot lunch and salad bar in the Dining Hall every day. Classes finish at 3.30pm each day (except Wednesday when they finish at 1.10pm to allow for extended afternoon sport) and students then participate in sports and activities. Dinner is served at around 5.40pm, followed by a second House Assembly at 6.50pm. Supervised evening study (prep) begins at 7.00pm. The day ends for day boarders at 8.30pm or 6.15pm on Fridays. Day Boarding is very similar to Full Boarding, except that students return home in the evening, having completed much of their schoolwork. At weekends, Day Boarders come to the School for team sports, to use the libraries, the computer resource centres and the Art and Music Schools or to discuss their work with the many teachers who reside on campus.


-Available for Years 5-8 at Corio
-Toorak Campus (ELC-Year 6) and Bostock House (ELC-Year 4)

Middle School

Day students generally arrive by 8.20am for House Assembly and leave at 3.45pm, either by bus or with parents. Sport is compulsory in Years 7-8, with training after school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, whilst matches are played on Saturday morning. Years 7-8 students may also participate in the Activities Programme on Monday and Thursday (Activities are optional for Day Students). 

Toorak Campus

Prep – Year Six classroom doors open at 8.15am with lesson times from 8.30am to 3.15pm. Early Learning Centre (ELC) children may be dropped off from 8.30am. The daily ELC programme runs from 9.00am – 3.00pm Monday to Friday. Before School Care is available from 7.00am – 9.00am and After School Care is available until 6.00pm each day. Year Five – Year Six students compete in the Associated Public Schools (APS) competition each Wednesday from 12.30pm – 3.15pm, with training on Tuesday from 2.00pm – 3.00pm. The Campus also offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities throughout the year. These activities will vary from term to term

Bostock House

Lesson times are from 8.30am-3.30pm. Before and After School Care is available from 8.00am and until 6.00pm. After School Sport and Activities are held on Tuesday afternoons.