Corio Campus

2021 opening hours are Tuesday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm

Saturday 8am to 11am when sport is at Corio.

email: uniformshop@ggs.vic.edu.au or Phone 52739329

Name tapes can be ordered via this link.

The Geelong Grammar School Shop at Corio is situated on level one in the Handbury Centre for Wellbeing. Lift access is available.

Information regarding School uniform can be found in the following documents:

Uniform for Years 10-12 (PDF 1.5MB)
Uniform for Timbertop (PDF 96.2KB)
Uniform for Prep to Year 8 (PDF 1.1MB)
General Sport and PE uniform (PDF 1MB)

Toorak Campus

The Toorak Campus Uniform Shop is located at the front of the school, near reception.

The Shop will be open on Mondays 8am to 11am and Tuesday & Thursday afternoons between 1pm-4.30pm. Note the shop is closed during the term break.

email toorakuniformshop@ggs.vic.edu.au  or Phone 03 9829 1444.

Name tagging: Clothing, shoes, water bottles lunch boxes, school bags and hats should be clearly named before they are worn to school.

Students are not permitted to wear:
• Jewellery (girls may wear plain studs or sleepers)
• no colored scarves, colored ribbons (other than school color) or nail polish.

Our SunSmart policy has been developed to ensure that all students and staff attending Geelong Grammar School are protected from skin damage caused by the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Clothing: Uniform includes dresses and shirts with collars and hats. Staff will also wear hats.

Sunscreen: Is available in all classrooms, students are encouraged to apply this before outdoor play.

Environment: Shade is provided in eating areas and over play equipment.

Curriculum: Sun smart behavior is reinforced in activities, at assemblies and throughout newsletters.



Geelong Grammar School has a comprehensive uniform, catering for different campuses, year levels and seasons (summer/winter), as well as sport and formal occasions. The one constant is the School’s distinctive light blue colour. 



When the School was established in 1855, the founders envisaged a future Eton and borrowed the bluish-green colour of the prestigious English school, which had been established by King Henry VI in 1440. In the early days of the School there was no formal uniform, although in 1875 it was proposed that “all boys shall wear round their caps the school ribbon, with a mitre as a distinguishing badge of the School, sewn onto it”. A committee began considering blazers for the 1st XI Cricket team in 1887 and ultimately all 1st teams wore light blue blazers whilst the rest of the School wore white with light blue trimmings. Today, all Senior School students wear a light blue blazer on formal occasions which is referred to as the Number 1 uniform. 

On June 15, 1907, The Argus reported on a football match against Scotch College where, “the Geelong boys appeared in a most striking uniform – light blue jersey, white knickers, dark stockings and white boots”, but suggested that “until after half-time they failed to do justice to the new costume” and duly lost the game. In a Student Representative Council (SRC) poll of students in 1964, two thirds of Senior School students voted for the abolition of the school cap and consequently the cap was abolished a year or so later. 
The uniform continues to evolve, continually reviewed by our Uniform Committee, which most recently introduced new designs for tracksuits, polar fleeces and polo shirts.