The major Committees working under Council are the Audit Finance and Risk Committee, Assets Management Committee, Survivor Engagement Committee and the Nominating Committee.

The Nominating Committee is responsible for making recommendations for new appointments to Council. Appointments are made with the object of ensuring that the composition of Council provides as much breadth as possible in terms of expertise and interests.

PaddyHandbury-bwPaddy Handbury (M'72)

Mr Handbury is an Old Geelong Grammarian and a past parent.

He was re-elected to Council in 2018 and was appointed Chairman of Council in 2020.

He was Chair of the Foundation Board from 2003 – 2007.

Jan Hamilton

Mrs Hamilton is a past parent.

She joined the Council in 2013 and was appointed Deputy Chair of Council in 2015.

She is the co-founder of NurtureOne Childcare.

Edward Buckingham (P'88)

Professor Buckingham is an Old Geelong Grammarian.

He joined the Council in 2016.

He is a Director of Engagement at Monash Business School where he teaches strategy.


John Chomley

Mr Chomley is an Old Geelong Grammarian and a current parent.

He joined the Council in 2017.

He is an Investment Director of EMR Capital and Director of Capricorn Copper and EMR Golden Grove.


Rebecca Cody

Ms Cody was appointed Principal of Geelong Grammar School in 2018.

She is a current parent and an ex-officio member of the Council.

She is also a Foundation Board Member.


Ian Coltman (A'77) 

Mr Coltman is the current OGG President. 

He joined the School Council in 2019 and has sat on the OGG Committee since 2014. 

He is a lawyer and Principal at Coltmans Legal.


Philip Crutchfield Q.C.

Mr Crutchfield is a current parent.

He joined the Council in 2017.

He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law, a former partner of a national law firm, and a past president of the Commercial Bar Association of Victoria.


Genia Janover

Ms Janover was Principal of Melbourne’s Bialik College for 20 years.

She was named as one of Australia’s top 10 educators in 2003 and Principal of the Year in 2007.

She joined the Council in 2009.


The Rev’d Dr J Hugh Kempster

Dr Kempster was Senior Chaplain from 2008 – 2012 and is a past parent.

He joined the Council in 2018.

He is the Vicar of St Peter’s Eastern Hill Anglican Church.


P_McBainPenny McBain

Mrs McBain is Chair of the Foundation Board, Chair of the Tommy Garnett Scholarship Fundraising Committee and an ex officio member of all fundraising committees.

She is also a past parent. 

She joined the Council in 2016.


Dr Susan Nicolson

Dr Nicolson is a past parent.

She joined the Council in 2013.

She is a general practitioner based at the Centre for Women’s Mental Health at The Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne.