Since 2012 there has been a valuable network within the Geelong Grammar community to connect every Past Parent anywhere in the world. The Past Parents’ Network makes it possible to keep friendships fresh and alive and retain the great depth of wisdom and experience that resides among the parent group. The Network provides a valuable vehicle to maintain links, share news, follow our children’s lives, occasionally meet face to face and keep in touch with the School Community.

The 2019 Autumn Cocktail event at the home of, and hosted by Past Parents, Drew and Shadda Abercrombie, was attended by over 120 Past Parents. It was so wonderful to see people from Glamorgan days, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, NSW and country Victoria, and as far away as Saudi Arabia. Our Spring Picnic at Willawong, Merricks North VIC, hosted by Past Parent and Grandparent Jenny Lansell, saw over 50 guests enjoying a glorious day in beautiful surroundings.

PPN-WillawongPicnic_web PPN-WillawongPicnic_01 
PPN-WillawongPicnic_02 PPN-WillawongPicnic_04

Our PPN Hong Kong Chapter is growing and bringing many benefits to the GGS families in the region. The Chapter hopes to host a function in 2020 and more information will be posted as it comes to hand. 

The outlook is bright for our Network with many varied activities planned for the future – so if you wish to continue your association with this great institution that is Geelong Grammar School, feel welcome to join our events and spread the word.
For further details contact the Co-Chairs.

2019-PPN-Autumn-Cocktails_01 2019-PPN-Autumn-Cocktails_03 
2019-PPN-Autumn-Cocktails_02 2019-PPN-Autumn-Cocktails_04

Above: Past Parents at the 2019 Autumn Cocktail Function.


Co-Chairs: Markela Sargent-Peck & Sally Kincaid
Secretary: Sandie Foster
Treasurer: Karen Ng
Social Media: Jennifer Teh
PPN eNewsletter Editor in Chief: Leslie O'Brien

General Committee: 
Sarah Watts, Pene Patrick, Shadda Abercrombie, Maggie Duff, Libby McQuillan, Julie-Anne Gibney, Liz Redfern, Suzy Rayment, Christine Olesnicky, Ka Kee Pyne

Past Co-Chair: Cathie Kemp
Inaugural Past President
: Cathie Vickers-Willis

For more information or to contact the Past Parents’ Network Committee, please e-mail: Iga Bajer, Support Group & Event Coordinator -

Hong Kong Chapter:

Chapter Chair: Christine Olesnicky
Chapter Committee
: Suzy Rayment, Ka Kee Pyne

GGS_PPN_Nock_014 GGS_PPN_Nock_03 
GGS_PPN_Nock_08 GGS_PPN_Nock_09

Above: 2017 Annual Hong Kong Chapter Function was hosted by Michael Nock at the NockArt Gallery


Membership to the Past Parents’ Network is free and automatic once you become a Past Parent of Geelong Grammar School. You are welcome to unsubscribe from the membership at any time by emailing  



Look us up and join today by searching:
Geelong Grammar Past Parent's Network



December 2018


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