Here at Geelong Grammar School, we believe that wellbeing should be at the heart of education. As such, we have implemented a whole-school approach to Positive Education. This means that the principles of personal wellbeing are not only taught to students, but also to parents, teaching and non-teaching staff, and the wider community. Upcoming training opportunities are listed on the Institute of Positive Education website.


Throughout their time at Geelong Grammar School, students will be exposed to Positive Education through both specific Positive Education classes and implicitly through other subjects.

For example, in specific Positive Education classes:

  • Students learn to tune in to their self-talk with the goal of developing helpful and realistic thinking patterns
  • Students explore a range of relationship building skills and become familiar with the technique of actively and constructively responding to others good news
  • Students participate in a neuroplasticity project which involves a commitment to learning to juggle
  • Students are introduced to resilience skills which they can put into practice and reflect upon as they experience their Timbertop programme.

The video below shows a workshop in Mindfulness Photography, led by the Creative Director of the Black Dog Institute, Matthew Johnstone.

In Primary School, the concepts of Positive Education are taught through story-telling, strength spotting and celebrations. In the video below, students and teachers from our Bostock campus talk about their ‘Grow Your Mind’ day, an opportunity for the students to try a range of new activities.