Supporting the Sport of Hockey at Geelong Grammar School

A revival of the GGS Hockey Support Group was facilitated in September 2011, with a clear goal to raise its profile, and to share information with the GGS Hockey community via a regular newsletter during a hockey season.

Together with the Teacher-in-Charge, the Hockey Support Group Committee organises an end of season celebration for the players and their parents.

The overarching aim, however, is to support the players and coaches and engender a sense of team and pride in their sport and their representation of the school.


President: Fiona Cole
Committee Members: Caitte Illingworth, Ginny Connell, Fiona Cameron, Michael Peel

Immediate Past President: Rod Evans
Past Presidents: Jo Moore, Debbie Haines


For more information or to contact the Hockey Support Group Committee, please e-mail Iga Bajer, Support Group & Event Coordinator -


24 August 2016 

27 May 2016 

19 May 2016 

28 April 2016 

15 April 2016


Membership to the Hockey Support Group is by a one-off subscription only and is open to Current Parents, Old Geelong Grammarians and supporters of Hockey at Geelong Grammar.

A Family life membership includes a supporter's scarf. Additional scarves can also be purchased. The money we raise throughout the year goes towards improvements and extra coaching above what the school’s Hockey budget can afford.

 Click to pay for the Hockey Membership online