Supporting Snowsports at Geelong Grammar School

The GGS Snowsports Club was established to further participation in and support for snowsports at Geelong Grammar. It primarily operates out of Toorak campus coordinating dryland training, but also organises on and off mountain training and social events for parents/students from Corio, Bostock and Toorak Campuses.


President: Mark Coombe-Tennant
Committee Members: Susan Molloy, Lara Snell-Bliss, Susannah Calvert-Jones, Vanessa Mahon, Karl Lewis (TIC - Toorak Campus)

Teacher Representatives

Toorak Campus: Karl Lewis (TIC)
Bostock Campus: Wendy Breer
Corio Campus: Andy Beauchamp (TIC)

Parent representative: Susan Molloy


Junior School Jane Maisano
Senior School Andy Beauchamp  




2014 was a very successful year for Snowsports at GGS. We had great participation rates across all events and fantastic results at Victorian Interschools and Nationals. 

GGS Senior 
1st Co-ed Senior School, 2014 Victorian Interschools Snowsports Championships
3rd  Co-ed Senior School 2014 Victorian Interschools Cross Country Championships

GGS Junior
3rd Co-ed 2013 AUSTRALIAN Interschools Snowsports Championships
2nd Co-ed Primary School, 2014 Victorian Interschools Championships
3rd Co-ed Primary School 2014 Victorian Interschools Cross Country Championships


Team success was forthcoming at the Victorian Interschools Snowsports as GGS took out the Secondary School Co-Ed title, after finishing second in the Primary School event. At the National Interschools Championships the School acquitted itself brilliantly, finishing fourth and third in the respective divisions; a feat made all the more impressive by the fact the teams that finished ahead of GGS are based at either Falls Creek or in the Snowy Mountains.

Individually, Alex Kent (Yr12 Cl) maintained her stranglehold in both the Snowboard X and the Snowboard Giant Slalom events at the Victorian Interschools. Alex claimed both Division 1 titles in 2013, which makes nine podium finishes from a possible 10 in respective age groups across the past five years.


Anyone from Toorak Campus Prep to Year Six can join the GGS Snowsports Club and participate in the Dryland Training program in Term Two. You don’t have to commit to any on-snow involvement at this stage.
To join the Snowsports Club or re-enrol, please email to receive a link to the Online Membership Form. 

In addition to dryland training and skiing events at GGS Toorak, the Snowsports Club organises the GGS Cup training at Mt Buller, social events and the end of year trophy presentations at Toorak Campus for Junior School Members.
The Club offers lots of fun activities for all ages and everyone is welcome.


The skiing program in Term 3 includes the GGS Cup, the Victorian Cross Country Interschools, the Victorian Snowsports Interschools and the Australian Interschools (if competitors qualify). To compete in these events competitors should be at least of a confident intermediate standard and be able to ski a blue run comfortably, except for Moguls were a high standard is required. A training day for primary students is organised on the day prior to the GGS Cup. Age eligibility does vary so please consult the Online Handbook for further information:

GGS has an excellent Cross Country Ski Team and we are looking to recruit more skiers. This is a great opportunity for students to learn a new discipline and the Snowsports Club provides the equipment and training opportunities.

Families participating in the GGS Junior Skiing Program will be charged a levy of $200, per family, to cover the costs associated with organising and staffing these events on the mountain, subsidised training and team dinner and trophies. This levy is an annual charge that will cover participation in all or any of these events and is per family. The amount will be added to your school account in Term 3.


You can read all about the GGS Junior Snowsports Program at

2021 DATES

GGS Snowsports Cup - Sunday 25 July - Mt Buller

Victorian Interschools - Monday 23 to Sunday 29 August - Mt Buller



For further information about the GGS Junior Snowsports Program visit:


Through the School’s fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF), donations to Geelong Grammar Snowsports are tax deductible. 
The Club does need funds to continue to provide equipment, improved coaching facilities, social functions for our parents and supporters, and trophies/badges for our players. This can only occur with your donations and we are grateful for any help you may be able to provide.

So please show your support for Snowsports at Geelong Grammar by donating today! 
Follow this link: 
and remember that every dollar you donate via the ASF is tax deductible.