Pictured above: The 2019 Gala hosted by the Glamorgan Association


The Glamorgan Association - Friends of Toorak (GA FoT) is a parent-run organisation dedicated to supporting the families and students of Geelong Grammar School, Toorak Campus.

We do this in two ways: Firstly, we fundraise to enhance the amenity and experiences Toorak Campus offers our children. Secondly - and just as importantly - we organise functions and events, to create a sense of connection and belonging for families at the School.

2019xxxx-Glamorgan-Association-Gala-1 2019xxxx-Glamorgan-Association-Gala-3 
2019xxxx-Glamorgan-Association-Spring-Racing-Lunch-2 2019xxxx-Glamorgan-Association-Spring-Racing-Lunch-1


If you would like to join the Committee or would like more information about GA FoT, please contact:

Name Position      Mobile               Children
Nicoletta Sylvester President; Staff Breakfast Coordinator 0402 303 049

Joss (Yr2 MC);
Sonny (YrK3 GL)

Naomi Stevens Vice-President 0409 310 570

Henry (Yr8 PA);
Zara (Yr5 MC);
George (Yr3 MC);
William (Yr1 MC)

Chris Coonar Secretary 0419 638 538

Taj (Yr5 MC);
Jodh (Yr2 MC)

Anabela Correia Treasurer 0412 003 606

Max Turner (Yr5 AL);
Audrey Turner (Yr2 AL)

Rebecca Harrison Class Rep Coordinator 0408 529 751

Hunter Check Harrison (Yr2 AL)

Caroline Venn Mothers' / Fathers' Day Stall Coordinator;
Staff Breakfast Coordinator 
0419 488 868

Harriet (Yr6 MC)

Ingrid Matruglio Committee Member 0403 727 128

Emilia (Yr3 BR);
Jeremiah (Bb'19)

Stephanie Stanley Xmas Fun Morning 0411 310 323

Camilla (Yr1 BR);
Matilda (Toorak'20)

Emma Warwick Mothers' Day Dinner; Xmas Fun Morning 0402 844 443

Zachary (Yr5 BR);
Sebastian (Yr3 BR)

Natalie Jago Mothers' Day Dinner 0408 665 995

Siena Lane (Yr4 BR)

Wei Dong Committee Member 0467 960 828

Heather Liu (Yr3 MC);
Aiden Liu (Yr1 MC)

Maggie (Yuyu) Liu Committee Member 0433 201 766                Claire Zhang (Yr1 MA);
Vanessa Zhang (YrK4 GL)

If you would like to contact any of the Class Reps for 2021 CLICK HERE (PDF 113.8KB)


Membership of GA FoT is free and automatic for parents once your child joins Geelong Grammar School, Toorak Campus.



Term 4:

Friday, 5 November 2021 - GA FoT Meeting

Thursday, 25 November - Toorak Campus Staff Thank-You Breakfast 

Tuesday, 30 November - End of Year Cocktail Party "Mangia A Bevi Con Amici" 

Wednesday, 8 December - Christmas Fun Morning - more information forthcoming