Connecting Middle School families of Geelong Grammar School

The Friends of Middle School (FoMS) Committee is a friendly group of parents who meet monthly to organise social events to benefit the Middle School community and fundraise to support parent-driven Middle School initiatives. The object of FoMS is to connect parents with others at the school with many events scheduled through the year.

The FoMS wish to promote comradeship among parents, recognising that the more accepted they feel within and by the community of Geelong Grammar School, the more willing they will be to participate in the life of Middle School. By so doing, they will better communicate with staff and students and share in more of Middle School life. Their activities and effort are directed to these objectives.

Co-Presidents: Ky Maloney (William (Yr6 Ot)) & Stacey Pettit (Henry (Yr8 Ot))
Vice President: Julia Fabretto (Frost, Fr’04) (Benjamin (Yr6 Ot))
Secretary: Dimitra Maroulis (Julia (Yr5 Hi))
Treasurer: Juanru Sun (Colin (Yr6 Ot))
Committee Members: Melinda Bate (Edward (Yr8 Ot)); Megan Blair (Fred (Yr5 Hi) and Charlie (Yr6 Hi)); Rebecca Grapsas Height (Duncan (Yr5 Hi) and Malcolm (Yr6 Hi)); Georgia McElvaney (Ingrid (Yr8 Ku)); Katharine Molloy (Harry (Yr6 Hi)); Meda Muntean (Maximilian (Yr6 Ot)); To Phuong Ng (Christopher (Yr6 Hi)); Sally Roydhouse (David (Yr6 Ot) and Rupert (Yr8 Ot)); Malini Singh (Arul (Yr5 Hi)); Naomi Stevens (George (Yr5 Ot), Zara (Yr7 Ku)); Aaron Verty (Arul (Yr5 Hi))

Immediate Past President: Mazz Cole (Co-President 2021, President 2022)
Past Presidents: Leah Carr (Co-President 2020-2021), Vanessa Eldridge (Co-President 2020), Libby Naylor (Cl’83) (2018-2019), Harriett Lawrence (2017), David Watters (2014-2016), Andrew Burgess (FB’81) (2013), George Chirnside (M’77) (2010-2012), Helen Baillie (2008-2009), Michael Bland (2007), Anna Tantau (2006) (Chair), Michael Bland (2005) (Chair)

Membership of the Friends of Middle School is free and automatic once your child joins Middle School at Geelong Grammar School, Corio Campus. All Middle School parents are warmly invited to attend any Committee meeting to hear more about the FoMS and/or get involved in its activities.

Through their fundraising activities, the Friends of Middle School are able to provide financial support within Middle School areas which would not normally be covered by the annual budget.

In the past, through FoMS assistance, new bicycles have been purchased for the GGS fleet to be used on the Great Victorian Bike Ride. This allowed some of the older bikes to be retired or used as spares. Similarly, new iPads have been purchased for the use of students in the Middle School Panckridge Library, and these have proven to be very popular among all year levels. A computer-controlled vinyl cutter has been purchased for the Design and Technology Department where students use the machine for model making and sign writing. Other fundraising projects have included an improvement of the indigenous garden, funding a new basketball ring, outdoor table tennis tables and Lego robotic kits. This last purchase has enabled the robotics programme to grow and flourish, particularly in Years 5 and 6, with students representing GGS at the annual Lego League Space Challenge Competition in Melbourne – all due to this generous donation.

Most recently, the FoMS have funded various author visits and prizes for Middle School art exhibitions. The Committee runs a coffee stall on Saturday mornings for parents at the Biddlecombe Oval. This has proven a great success, with enthusiastic feedback also from visiting parents, all due to the committee members who give of their time to prepare and serve coffee and welcome all who come on the day, thus further developing the FoMS’ aim of connecting the community.

A FoMS initiative in 2019 was to organise and fund a morning tea each term for Middle School children, encouraging day and boarding students to spend time together. FoMS were also delighted to organise a purchase of four Optimist boats to compliment the Middle School Year 5 and 6 Sailing Programme.

Please check the Events page to see any upcoming FoMS events.