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Founded in 2003 as the Arts Support Group, the Hirschfeld-Mack Club was renamed in 2019 in honour of Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack, art master at Geelong Grammar School from 1942–57. A student of the famous Bauhaus school of art and design, Hirschfeld-Mack was deported to Australia as an enemy alien in 1940 and released from detention in 1942 thanks to the intervention of Sir James Darling, headmaster of Geelong Grammar School.

For the next 15 years, Hirschfeld-Mack lived in the Art School Flat and dedicated himself to teaching and promoting the Arts, from introducing modern art to students attuned to the classical tradition, to forming a band of homemade musical instruments, to designing sets for school productions, to being an early advocate of creative education. Although modest and quietly spoken, his influence on his dedicated pupils was significant and far-reaching. The Hirschfeld-Mack Club honours the legacy of a remarkable man and distinguished contributor to the Arts at Geelong Grammar School.

The Hirschfeld-Mack Club exists to promote and celebrate the Arts at Geelong Grammar School, including music, visual and performing arts and welcome members from all campuses. We aim to promote positive and friendly engagement with the Arts at Geelong Grammar School by attending performances and exhibitions, celebrating students’ artistic and musical achievements, and facilitating connections between students, parents and staff within the Arts community.

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Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack 1958

I feel our art education must cope with the needs of both present and future generations. Our future demands human beings who have the logical and truthfully working brain of an engineer and at the same time the soul and mind of an artist.