Supporting the Sport of Sailing at Geelong Grammar School


The John Brazier Club has the following objectives:

• To promote ongoing communication and friendship with old Geelong Grammarians sharing a common interest – sailing!
• To make sailing students aware of the history of the school sailing club and invite their ongoing participation.
• To support the school and sailing students in their activities.
• To help finance the sailing club to develop and upgrade the facilities, equipment and sailing fleet.
• To assist with the maintenance of the club.
• To promote the sport of sailing by giving the school and its students access to a wealth of nautical knowledge and practical experience in almost every aspect of sailing.

Co-Presidents: Sue Di Sciascio
Treasurer: Alexandra El Adam
General Committee: Greg Foletta, Simon Hobbs, Chris Mirakian, Julie Pearce, Lesley White

Ex-officio members of the Committee: Head of Sailing – Glenn Alger, Director of Sport – Paul La Cava
Commodore-in-Chief: Rebecca Cody, Principal of Geelong Grammar School

Past Presidents: Bernadette Stevenson and Peter Durran (A’90) (Co-Presidents 2022), Amanda Grainger (2021), Michael Wedgwood (2019/2020), Gina Copeland (2018/19), Amanda Lithgow (Cl’82) (2017/18), Deborah Eyre (2016/17), Fiona Lowe (2015/16), Kerry McKendrick (2014/15), Antony Heath (M’77) (2013/14), Geoff Chandler (Fr’85) (c.1991-2013)

Through the School’s fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF), donations to the Brazier Club are tax deductible.
The Club does need funds to continue to provide equipment, improved coaching facilities, provide barbecues and social functions for our parents and supporters, and trophies/badges for our players. This can only occur with your donations and we are grateful for any help you may be able to provide.

So please show your support for Sailing at Geelong Grammar by donating today via this link.

Membership to The John Brazier Club is by a one-off subscription only and is open to Current Parents and family members, Past GGS Sailors and supporters of Sailing at Geelong Grammar. Each new membership comes with a Club cap.

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For more information or to contact the Brazier Club Committee, please e-mail Iga Bajer, Support Groups Coordinator –

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