Supporting the Sport of Australian Rules Football at Geelong Grammar School




As the Support Group we are proud to promote and support Australian Rules Football at Geelong Grammar School.

Through the School’s fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF), donations to the recently revised membership levels are tax deductible.

Our current membership levels are:

  • Community Level:       Free, No Pin, No Voting
  • Club Level:                   $1,000 – $5,000, Blue Pin
  • Member Level:            $5,000 – $100,000, Yellow Pin
  • Partner Level:              $100,000 or more, Red Pin

Join the Club, Member or Partner level by donating today via the Australian Sports Foundation

We would like to gratefully acknowledge the following GGS Football Families who have generously given or pledged to our beloved sport:

Partner Level
Davis/Welsh, Grodski
Member Level
Dow, Fox, Freeman, Gall, Hao/Xu, Hollands
Mantello, McGavin, McLachlan, Neville-Smith, Redman

We sincerely thank you in advance for your financial support of GGS Football. We have multiple ways in which you can support:

Tax Deductible

  • Once Off:                    A$2 or more is fully tax-deductible
  • Monthly:                     Any amount automatically donated
  • Pledges:                      Annual, Bi-Annual, Event-driven, etc.
  • ‘Property’                   All donations of property > $5,000 are tax deductible, e.g. holiday houses, auction/raffle items, etc.

Non Tax Deductible

  • GGS Football Operation Fund: Significant contributions to support the operations of GGS Football can be accepted outside the ASF.
  • Bequest: Biddlecombe Society GGS Football designated bequest

The GGS Football Scholarship has been established to further the aspirations of Football at GGS, providing opportunity and access to the School for talented male and female footballers and supporting the enrichment of our Football programme for the benefit of all.

Since the School’s inaugural season in 1868, we have produced a significant number of successful AFL/AFLW/VFL players, with scholarships critical to the journey of many through GGS.

With the support of our 5,000+ army of GGS Football community members we know we can reach our goal for this important Scholarship.

To make a gift and find out more please visit

President: Ben Grodski (FB’91)
Vice President: TBD
Treasurer: Michael Stapleton (P’91)
Secretary: TBD
Committee Members: Michael Davis (P’85), Liz de Steiger (Henderson, Cl’91), Tom de Steiger (Cu’90), Caroline Dow, Chris Dow, Sarah Freeman (McIntosh, Cl’97), Eliza Mantello (Bartholomew, Cl’96), Michael Naylor (A’86), Mia Pithie (Mackenzie, Je’86), Fiona Richardson (Cl’91), Ben Stewart (A’91), Alistair Wills.

Past Presidents: Darren Lord (M’89) (2019-2021), Mark Kebbell (2014-2018), Mark Kellett (2013), Bill Sloss (2012), Cathie Vickers-Willis (2011), Richard Champion de Crespigny (Cu’70) (2009-2010), Bill Lloyd (2008), David Sleigh (M’73) (2007), James Richardson (M’73) (2005), Paddy Handbury (M’72) (2003)

GGS Football Centurions: 1868-1968

The 2024 Centurion Lunch will be celebrated on July 27 during our Round 10 fixture vs Melbourne Grammar (more details to follow.)

GGS Football Senior XVIII 2023

Captain: Dan Connell (Cu’44)

Vice Captain: Gilles Kryger (M’46)

Full BackGeorge Larritt (FB'48)David Lee (P'48)Marshall Baillieu (P'54)
Half BackGeorge Chomley (Cu'50)John Fysh (M'43)Ben Macdonald (Cu'51)
CentreBruce Rowe (M'54)Dan Connell (Cu'44)Vincent Vine (P'52)
Half ForwardHamish Urquhart (P'52)Gilles Kryger (M'46)John Dahlsen (Cu'53)
Full ForwardDavid Glasson (FB'52)Colin Bailey (M'49)***John Kirkham (M'53)
On the BallGordon Moffatt (M'48)Guy Nevett (P'49)Ian 'Floater' Kirwan (FB'49)
InterchangeAlistair Lloyd (Ge'51)***Hugh MacLachlan (P'52)Ian Douglas (Cu'53)
Robert Dean (P'52)
EmergenciesJ.K Breadmore (FB'55)

History of GGS Football

Geelong Grammar School Football has a proud history dating back to its first official game in 1868, well before the first VFL season in 1897.

Since then, students and supporters alike have created an incredibly rich history founded on a close relationship between GGS Football, the city of Geelong and indeed the Geelong Football Club.

While we strive for our next premiership since the one and only GGS champion team in 1902, GGS Football is about all participants in our vast football community.

History of the Newman Club

The Newman Club was founded in 1980 to support Australian Rules Football at Geelong Grammar School. The Club was named in joint recognition of Noel Newman and his son John (Sam) Newman. Both were present at the inaugural dinner in 1980 at which Noel gave the founding speech.

Noel Newman, born Frederick Noel Bolton Newman, was a student at Geelong Grammar School from 1916-24 and master at Corio from 1929-66. He was variously known as Noel, Newy, Nogger and F.N.B.N. In 1924 he was vice-captain of football when the GGS team came as close to a premiership as in any year since 1902 – they were beaten only by a brilliant Xavier team, nine of whose members went on to play VFL football. Charles Cameron, coach of the 1st XVIII and a former VFL player, said on retirement in 1947 that Noel was the best schoolboy footballer he had seen during his thirty-two years on staff. As a staff member, Noel coached the 1st XVIII on and off in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

John (Sam) Newman, born John Noel William Newman, was a student at Geelong Grammar School from 1952-63. He played in the first XVIII from 1961-1963. He was vice-captain in 1963 and selected to play in the APS representative team. He joined the Geelong Football Club the following year and played 300 games for them in a career spanning 1964-80. He twice won the Club Best & Fairest (1968 & 1975), was selected as All-Australian (1969) and represented Victoria 8 times. He was inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame in 2002 and selected in the Geelong Team of the Century in 2001. Today, Sam is the Newman Club patron, Noel having passed away in 2000.

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