Supporting the Sport of Australian Rules Football at Geelong Grammar School




We welcome and encourage new members to join the Newman Club.
As the supporters’ club for the footy we are proud to promote and support Australian Rules Football at Geelong Grammar School.

Through the School’s fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF), donations to the recently revised membership levels are tax deductible.

Our current membership levels are:

  • Community Level:       Free, No Pin, No Voting
  • Club Level:                   $1,000 – $5,000, Blue Pin
  • Member Level:            $5,000 – $100,000, Yellow Pin
  • Partner Level:              $100,000 or more, Red Pin

Join the Club, Member or Partner level by donating today via the Australian Sports Foundation


If you would like to financially support GGS Football, you can make a tax deductible donation via ASF:

  • Once Off:                    A$2 or more is fully tax-deductible
  • Monthly                      Any amount automatically donated
  • Pledges:                      Annual, Bi-Annual, Event-driven, etc.
  • Other:                         Biddlecombe Society Bequest, Scholarship
  • ‘Property’                   All donations of property > $5,000 are tax deductible, e.g. holiday houses, wine/beer/sparkling, food & beverage, auction/raffle items, equipment, signed jumpers, sports memorabilia, etc.

President: Ben Grodski (FB’91)
Vice President: Vanessa Mahon
Treasurer: Michael Stapleton (P’91)
Secretary: Ben Fothergill
Committee Members: Michael Davis (P’85), Liz de Steiger (Henderson, Cl’91), Tom de Steiger (Cu’90), Caroline Dow, Chris Dow, Adam Furphy (M’89), Nean Furphy (Weatherley, Cl’88), Jim Gall (Cu’91), Ben Hollands, Rick Le Deux, Eliza Mantello (Bartholomew, Cl’96), Nick McCulloch (Cu’89), Kate McGavin (Muller, Je’90), Michael Naylor (A’86), James Neville-Smith (P’88), Katey Neville-Smith (Rattray, Ga’86), Chris Nicolay, Emma Pierson (Bayles, Cl’87), Fiona Richardson (Cl’91), Mark Ritchie (P’82),  Ben Stewart (A’91), Andy Vaughan (Fr’76).

Past Presidents: Darren Lord (M’89) (2019-2021), Mark Kebbell (2014-2018), Mark Kellett (2013), Bill Sloss (2012), Cathie Vickers-Willis (2011), Richard Champion de Crespigny (Cu’70) (2009-2010), Bill Lloyd (2008), David Sleigh (M’73) (2007), James Richardson (M’73) (2005), Paddy Handbury (M’72) (2003)

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