Friday 16 August 2024
Timbertop Campus
$130 per person (this is a parent/guardian only event)

You are invited to our Timbertop Parent Celebration, where we come together as a community of parents and staff members to celebrate all that has been achieved thus far by the 2024 Timbertop cohort.

Gates Open: 4:30pm
Shuttle Bus Arrival: 4:45pm and 5:15pm (Available from Mansfield and Merrijig)
Unit Visit: 4:45pm to 6:00pm
Dinner and Formalities: 6:00pm to 9:15pm

Dress Code: Smart casual winter attire
Enquiries: Cassie Pentony, Administration Office Manager
T: (+61 3) 5733 6777
E: timbertop@ggs.vic.edu.au

On this evening you will have the opportunity to feel the warmth and energy that comes with being a part of the Timbertop Community firsthand and will be able to experience a snapshot of the students’ experience. You will have the opportunity to visit your child’s Unit (briefly!), see some musical performances and watch a video which encapsulates the students’ journey so far.

You will hear from our esteemed Principal of Geelong Grammar School, Rebecca Cody, and Timbertop’s Acting Head of Campus, Brad Bolden, as they share their insights and perspectives. In addition, you will have the chance to chat to the Timbertop staff, share stories with fellow parents, enjoy tasty food and beverages and appreciate the grandeur of this mountainside campus.

For most, it is a long way to travel to be here and we acknowledge the effort you make to be a part of this evening. Fire drums will provide warmth and ambience, but please dress warmly to be comfortable in the cool mountain air. Whilst the delicious food and tales of trials and tribulations, adventure and success, are sure to warm your insides, a thick coat and cosy set of gloves will certainly add to your experience in this inside and outside event.

Join the celebration on the mountain and be part of this fabulous night filled with joy, camaraderie, and connection. Always a highlight for the wider community, we can’t wait to welcome you and share in the joy of this experience together.

Additional Details:

Ticket Limit: Each booking is limited to two tickets, except for separated parents, who may reserve up to four tickets. Booking is essential.

Attendees: This celebration is exclusively for parents or guardians. Students, children, and siblings cannot attend. Please arrange off-campus babysitting if needed.

Student Exeat: Timbertop students must remain on campus on Friday evening. Exeat starts on Saturday, August 17th, after the 8:30am parent/student Crossie.

Accommodation: Book accommodation in the Mansfield region early to avoid disappointment.

Transportation: Gates open from 4:30pm to 5:15pm for those driving to Timbertop. However, we do encourage the use of our shuttle bus service due to limited parking available on campus.  The shuttle bus service is available from the below locations.

Depart Mansfield 4.00pm

4:00pm – Mansfield CFA, 29 Highett Street, Mansfield

4:05pm – Alzburg Resort, 39 Malcolm Street, Mansfield

4:20pm – Merrijig Hunt Club, 1870 Mt Buller Road, Merrijig

4:30pm – The Sebel Pinnacle Valley, 1 Mimosa Drive, Merrijig

4:40pm – Arrive Timbertop

Depart Mansfield 4.30pm

4:30pm – Mansfield CFA, 29 Highett Street, Mansfield

4:35pm – Alzburg Resort, 39 Malcolm Street, Mansfield

4:50pm – Merrijig Hunt Club, 1870 Mt Buller Road, Merrijig

5:00pm – The Sebel Pinnacle Valley, 1 Mimosa Drive, Merrijig

5:10pm – Arrive Timbertop

Return Transportation:
Shuttle buses depart Timbertop for the below locations.

Depart Timbertop 9.30pm

9:30pm – Timbertop Library

9:40pm – The Sebel Pinnacle Valley, 1 Mimosa Drive, Merrijig

9.50pm – Merrijig Hunt Club, 1870 Mt Buller Road, Merrijig

10.05pm – Alzburg Resort, 39 Malcolm Street, Mansfield

10.10pm – Mansfield CFA, 29 Highett Street, Mansfield

Exeat Recommendation: Please ensure your child has a restful weekend.  We have found in past years this can be challenging for those staying on Mt Buller. We have had students coming back after Exeat injured, exhausted and/or unwell and it has been detrimental to their experience in the Timbertop Programme. The second half of Term 3 is incredible, and we need our students to be ready with a full bill of health for their adventures on the Bogong High Plains Winter Expedition.

We look forward to spending a very special Timbertop evening with you all.