Day Boarding Routine

A typical daily schedule for a Senior School day boarding student:

8.20 am      Arrive at School

8.20 am      House assembly

8.30 am      Lessons commence

10.15 am    Recess – morning tea is in the day house

1.00 pm      Lunch available in Dining Hall

3.40 pm      End of classes

4.00 pm      Sport, co-curricular programme or study time

5.30 pm      Dinner in Dining Hall

6.55 pm     House Assembly / Supervised Prep

8.30 pm    Students depart from School


Regular parts of the day: Weekdays

Day boarders benefit fully from the boarding school environment: a longer day immersed at school translates to more opportunities outside the classroom for co-curricular activities and group and collaborative work. In addition, the transition from daily school lessons to Sports and then to Prep (supervised study work) means that all school hours during the term are optimised.

Academic timetable
We operate on a 10-day cycle of six periods per day, from Monday to Friday.

Day boarders need to arrive at school by 8.20 am, where they meet in House before lessons commencing. Throughout the day, students can return to their House at morning tea and lunch to socialise with friends, continue work in the library, Art School and Music School and have additional access to teaching, coaching and learning support.

Prep (supervised homework)
Prep (short for ‘Preparation’) is quiet study time to prepare for the following day’s schoolwork and assigned homework tasks. Day boarders complete a session of Prep on a Monday to Thursday afternoon. Year 11 and 12 students are permitted to ‘sign out’ of house during Prep to attend the Library or Art School. Although there is scheduled Prep time, it is essential that students also work independently and consistently on weekends.

Co-curricular activities

After their academic timetable, Senior School students will attend sport or co-curricular activities or have free time for additional study before attending dinner in the Dining Hall. Students also have access to the Handbury Centre for Wellbeing and vast playing fields for leisure activities with friends.


Day boarders enjoy meals in the Dining Hall at lunch and dinner, snacks and supper in the day house. For busy parents, the provision of all meals, including dinners, is reassuring. It simplifies the often stressful process of coordinating pick up, after school sports, co-curricular activities and dinners every night.

Key activities: Weekends

Weekend Sport

As a member of the Associated Public Schools of Victoria (APS), all boarding and day boarders in Senior School participate in compulsory sporting competitions or practice on Saturday mornings throughout term time. There is a wide range of sports at different levels of achievement available, and whilst we do not prescribe which sports students play, we do insist that they are involved in something.