Middle School Boarding Routine

From rising time until lights out, life as a boarder is a busy and active one.

Whilst each day is different; a typical day will look something like this.

7.00 am    Wake and shower

 7.20 am    Breakfast in the Darling Hall

 8.15 am    Tidy rooms and prepare for the day

 8.30 am   School activities – House assembly or MS assembly/Chapel/Mentor groups

 8.30 am    Lessons commence

10.15 am   Recess

1.00 pm    Lunch in Darling Hall

3.40 pm    End of classes

4.00 pm    Co-curricular Music (Mon), Sports programme (Tues/Wed), Activities (Thur)

5.30 pm     Dinner in Darling Hall

6.30 pm     Supervised Prep (homework)

8.00 pm    Supper

8.30 pm    Bed, reading, lights out

Key activities outside class: Weekdays

Prep (aka Homework)

Prep is a dedicated quiet study time in the Boarding House to prepare for the following day’s schoolwork and assigned homework tasks. All students complete a session of Prep each weeknight in house. Students are encouraged to read widely by borrowing books and resources from our well-resourced library. House Mentors are available during Prep to assist with any areas where they require support.

Co-curricular activities

From Monday to Thursday after class, students engage in the Music, Sport and Activities programme. One of the most significant benefits to boarding is that everything is accessible on Campus – not a car ride, a bus or a train journey away. We encourage students to explore and discover new talents and interests through the co-curricular programme. We believe the lessons and transferable skills learned outside of the classroom are just as valuable. Our co-curricular programme is anchored in providing students with choice and the opportunity to uncover their passions. Once they find something that they enjoy, we will help them to follow and expand further. The Middle School Drama production is a key activity for students in Term 3 and 4.

Social time

Whilst students are kept busy, there are still times in the day, in between Prep, Dinner and Bedtime when our students can relax, enjoy time with friends and call home. Some students enjoy riding their bikes around Campus and the BMX track. Others may enjoy sitting quietly over a good book. We provide a wide range of activities to support student downtime within the Boarding Houses, including:

    • in-house games hall (pool tables, table tennis tables, foosball table);
    • in-house chess tables;
    • lounge room with board games and reading corners;
    • big-screen TVs;
    • in-house libraries for quiet work; and
    • music practice rooms.


Students begin showering and preparing for bed from 8.00 pm and lights out from around 9.00 pm. Mobile phones are kept with the Head of House who will, with discretion, allow use at appropriate times to contact family. It is in the stages of Middle School that we endeavour to establish good study and sleep habits. As students progress to Senior School, they are afforded greater freedom with setting their bedtime.

Key activities: Weekends

Weekend Sport

As a member of the Associated Public Schools of Victoria (APS), all boarding and day students in Years 7 and 8 participate in compulsory sporting competitions or practice on Saturday mornings throughout term time. There is a wide range of sports at different levels of achievement available. Whilst we do not prescribe which sports students play, we insist that they are involved in something.

Weekend activities

Every weekend is different, with the one constant being Saturday morning sporting commitments. Once completed, students can meet friends at our Handbury Centre of Wellbeing for a swim or use the gym or have quality time to themselves. In addition, we offer a wide range of House and Whole School activities for students to engage. Example activities include Saturday night movies on the scoreboard, pizza nights on wood fire ovens, trips to the beach, Geelong and Melbourne, fun runs, mountain biking in the You Yangs, theatre trips, and cinema outings.