Whilst each day is different; it will likely look something like this.

6.55 am   Slushies

7.20 am   Breakfast

8.15 am    Unit inspection

8.30 am   Lessons commence

10.45 am  Recess

1.00 pm    Slushies and essentials

1.20 pm    Lunch in Dining Hall

2.30 pm    Chapel

3.00 pm    Long run (Sun) or continued classes

3.45 pm/4.30 pm     End of classes or Crossie run (Sat)

5.00 pm    Extra help

5.30 pm    Slushies

6:00 pm    Dinner in Dining Hall

6.50 pm     Prep (homework)

8.20 pm    Jobs and Supper

8.50 pm    In bed – silent reading

9.20 pm    Lights out

Regular parts of the day

Academic timetable
Our academic week runs from Friday to Tuesday, with weekends on Wednesday to Thursday.

Prep (supervised homework)
Prep (short for ‘Preparation’) is quiet study time to complete assigned homework tasks. All students complete a session of Prep each weeknight in the Unit. Extra help is also available to students requiring further support in the Library.

Slushies and Essentials

Every student is required to contribute in an emotional and practical sense within their Unit. A ‘Service Wheel’ is rotated weekly within each Unit and allocates to students daily jobs or areas of responsibility. This includes chopping wood, lighting the boiler for hot water, cleaning the bathroom, dorm and study areas, and slush. Slush involves assisting with the preparation and serving of meals in the Dining Hall and cleaning afterwards. This is rotated on a weekly basis.


Students are allocated silent reading time for 30 minutes prior to lights out at 9.20 pm.

Key activities: Weekends

Every weekend is different and differs per term. The Outdoors Programme typically fills the weekend calendar with exciting, worthwhile and healthy challenges through hiking, canoeing, skiing, rafting and camping adventures.

Students in Term 2 spend a large component of their weekends completing community service. In this time, students camp overnight with local Mansfield families and help them with tasks such as wood chopping/stacking, sanding, gardening, fencing, cleaning and any other manual assistance they may need for their property.