Energising confidence and camaraderie

Middle School (Years 5 to Year 8) is an exciting time of discovery and exploration, where students are stimulated, inspired and supported at every turn. A rich and varied programme awaits our students as they enter this exciting phase of their schooling journey.


Head of Middle School

Middle School students can explore some of the most pivotal years in their schooling journey; through many and varied learning experiences.

Abundant opportunities

Life as a Middle Schooler is busy and intentionally so. Beyond the dynamic curricular and co-curricular programme, students are immersed in a myriad of learning opportunities such as trips and camps, house competitions, sporting competitions, whole school assemblies and events, chapel, debating, community service and leadership programmes. Every individual is encouraged to be an active contributor to our thriving Middle School community.

Learning Framework

The Middle School learning programme has been designed to ensure that students experience a broad curriculum and build a strong academic foundation whilst learning how to be responsible, organised and prepared. Curriculum options gradually expand as students move through Middle School.

Middle School Curriculum

Helping them thrive

We are sensitive to the Middle School years as a time when students are experiencing significant growth, change and new beginnings. We strive to nurture and strengthen our students through this stage in their life through a comprehensive support network that includes well developed pastoral care strategies, supportive mentoring structures and the Navigate Wellbeing programme.

Student Wellbeing and Progress

The Navigate programme occurs in the timetable of Year 7 and 8 students three times a week. Tailored specifically to the developmental needs of adolescents, the programme is centred on empowering students with the attitudes, skills, competencies and spirit to rise through the challenges and opportunities of Middle School.

Students are supported by a Learning Coach who facilitates self-directed learning experiences, as well as the identification and pursuit of goals for learning, wellbeing and growth. Students complete Student Action Plans to identify their personal quarterly goals and pathways to achieving them.

Wellbeing and Positive Education

Sport in Middle School

Our Middle School students have the space and freedom to find a sport they love. Underpinning physical fitness and skill development are the important characteristics of sportsmanship, teamwork and responsibility.

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Music in Middle School

Music is a vibrant part of Middle School life with all students participating in the curricular (classtime programme) and co-curricular (after school programme). Music provides students with fun and freedom to express themselves through Music, as well as providing an important balance in their learning week.

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Drama in Middle School

The emphasis in Middle School Drama is on creative and confident expression. Drama is taught as an academic subject, and the Middle School Production (as a co-curricular activity in Term 4) is a highlight of the annual calendar.

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Visual Arts in Middle School

Visual Arts is a vibrant and inspiring component of the academic schedule where students have the opportunity to be original and brave. The academic programme is punctuated by creative events such as the Middle School exhibition, Coriobald and Artist-in-Residence programme (AIR), providing students first-hand opportunity to interact, learn and observe a professional practitioner at work.

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Meaningful relationships are at the core of student life at Corio.

Our dedicated and expert staff serve as teaches, coaches, tutors, and guides, understanding each individual student’s strengths and needs so that they may flourish.

Boarding in Middle School

There are two boarding Houses in Middle School, the Girls Boarding House, Kunuwarra, and Boys Boarding House, Parrwang.

Through well-developed pastoral practices and a purposeful transitioning process, our Middle School boarders are supported to ‘stand up by themselves’ a little more every day, acquiring autonomy, self-confidence and independence. Getting themselves organised for the day, attending classes on time, learning to be considerate of others and keeping the community rules are all daily requirements in boarding that teach critical skills to our young people, and importantly, prepare them for the social and emotional challenges that Timbertop, in Year 9, can bring.


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A positive place to be

Middle School students have their own discrete space inside the Corio Campus, a vibrant mini campus that is home to them during the activities and experiences of each day. The Middle School Boarding and Day Houses are all located within close proximity of each other, providing a safe and close Middle School precinct. Friendship, teamwork and respect are fostered naturally across the genders and vertically through the age groups, which is crucial during this time of intellectual, social, and emotional development.