A message from Catherine Krause and Ant Le Couteur

Greetings and welcome to Corio Senior School!

Our Senior School aims to promote a culture of tolerance, inclusivity, curiosity and opportunity. Relationships are fostered for spiritual nourishment and the strengthening of Christian values. We relish equal opportunities for scholarly pursuits, adventure education, positivity, creativity and physical endeavours, all vital components of a healthy and fulfilling life. Our extended community seeks to encourage, support, challenge and advocate for all individuals to ensure they have the opportunity to flourish during these critical years and beyond their school environs.

In partnership with parents and guardians, we hold the needs of students foremost in all our decision making and interactions. We believe that we must show agility when adapting, acknowledging both the present and the past, and engaging in critical thought, reflective practice, and problem-solving behaviour. Ultimately we seek to embed in our students a rich understanding of their stewardship of the world as they strive to make a difference in society.