Nurturing the Early Years.

Our ELC programme at Bostock House, for children aged three to five years, is built upon respect, kindness, community and a holistic approach to nurturing the ‘whole child’. Children in the ELC form an integral and joyful part of our Bostock House learning community.


Director of Early Learning

Welcome to our Early Learning Centre, the first step in your child's adventure at Geelong Grammar School.

My child is happy and becoming more confident each day, I love the fact he can teach me how to meditate and be mindful.

Learning Framework

It is in the Early Learning Centre where our youngest learners can explore and wonder. We aspire to provide rich and meaningful experiences that inspire children’s hands, hearts and minds, and where the sparks to ignite a love of learning are kindled.

Our bespoke learning programme is heavily influenced by the Reggio Emilia Approach and guided by the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP). At their core, both educational frameworks, recognize young people as active, competent and capable drivers in their own learning.

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Positive Education in Early Learning

Every parent wants to see their child happy and flourishing. We place wellbeing at the heart of everything we do in our learning community, and understand the important connection of emotional, social, and physical wellbeing to a child’s individual growth and development.

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Specialist Programme

In addition to the dynamic educational classroom experience, our ELC programme is enriched with a range of specialist learning activities. Access to specialist programmes depends upon your child’s days of attendance.

Art is a valued, daily component of the ELC programme. Dedicated areas both indoors and outdoors encourage children to design, explore, create, manipulate, build, experiment, construct and translate their ideas.

Buddy programmes are a wonderful opportunity for children of different ages to come together and learn from each other. Our ELC children meet and connect with Year 2 students and engage in a range of shared activities.

Children are immersed in hearing the Chinese language and engage in playing word games, singing, role-playing and storytelling.

A weekly visit to our school library enables children to borrow books and listen to stories read by our Teacher Librarian.

PMP encourages the development of important motor skills through movement and play.

Performing Arts encourages the natural instincts of children to sing and play with our Performing Arts Specialist Teacher. Their imaginative thinking is enriched and stimulated through shared activities that includes fantasy play, singing, dancing and sharing music.

We are an Anglican School and Christian values and concepts such as love, honesty, friendship and sharing are incorporated into all aspects of our daily life.

Shape of the Day

Every day is an adventure in our ELC where children can play, laugh, wonder and explore. Whilst no two days are ever the same, there is a structure to our day that brings security and familiarity to support positive learning.

Our Daily Routine

Connection to our Indigenous Culture

Every morning as part of the daily routine, our early learners sing their Acknowledgement to Country, a song that was collaboratively written by the ELC children and educators in 2016 in response to their learning during National Reconciliation Week.

This is just one of many initiatives towards helping our students to understand Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in their learning.

Embedding First Nations Perspectives

The Early Learning Programme

Our programme caters for children aged three to five years and is offered during school terms.

  • Attend two to three days per week
  • Hours of operation 8.45 am–3.15 pm
  • Children must turn 3 years old on or before 30 April in the year of entry, and must have turned 3 years old before they can commence.
  • Attend three to four days per week
  • Hours of operation 8.45 am–3.15 pm
  • Children must turn 4 years old on or before 30 April in the year of entry
  • Available from 8 am until the commencement of the ELC programme at 8.45 am.
  • Available in afternoons from 3.15 pm until 6 pm

An inspiring and connected space

Bostock House Early Learning Centre is located in the heart of Newtown, Geelong. The Centre is nestled within the Bostock House grounds next to the Prep classroom and play areas allowing our young learners to interact with our older children daily.

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Prep At Bostock House

Starting Prep is an exciting time for children and families.

Our ELC provides the ideal foundation to transition into Prep at Bostock House, given that children are already familiar with the classrooms and learning spaces, specialist teachers and educators, and have been connected to the learning community through assemblies, events and the buddy programme. In Term 4, the ‘Next Step at Bostock Programme’ is run over several sessions to allow children to get to know each other and their educators and familiarise themselves with the Prep learning spaces and routines.

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