A message from Ross Hopkins

Welcome to our Timbertop campus!

Through our unique context and courageous philosophy, Timbertop allows time and energy to focus on aspects of personal growth that are difficult to achieve in typical school and broader societal settings. There is a strong concentration on sense of community and sense of belonging; many students speak powerfully about these overwhelming feelings throughout their Timbertop journey and indeed in the years after.

Timbertop provides the optimum platform for the personal adult-like evolution towards independence, strength of character, resilience and maturity. This comes about through a carefully crafted approach of removing life’s modern distractions and living in a form of simplicity, where face-to-face interactions, kindness, honesty and effort are the currency by which success is measured. Ironically though, life is not simple as new norms are created and significant challenges emerge, but the rewards and lessons are both plentiful and rich. There is a feeling of life being very ‘real’ with strong purpose and clear direction.

The Timbertop staff exude competence and bountiful enthusiasm; they are truly invested in the philosophy and the student experience. Always willing to give of themselves, you will see and hear staff in a united front display pride and a deep belief and passion for the Timbertop ethos.

Surrounded by, and immersed in nature, Timbertop students develop a connection and comfort with the natural world. A new appreciation for the wild outdoors is cultivated as the mountains, rivers and bushland not only act as a vehicle for personal growth, but importantly become known and admired as places of natural beauty.

Through expanding comfort zones and exploring what is possible, Timbertop aims to grow the individual in a challenging, yet supportive and inclusive, community; a community where relationships matter and experiences are shared. It is our commitment that Timbertop will prepare each student for the challenging road ahead, a road which they will inevitably encounter in life, whilst concurrently experiencing a life changing and truly memorable journey.