Sport is a compulsory part of the Geelong Grammar School programme. To assist parents and students to make an informed choice regarding sport for 2023, please review the details on this page and enter sport choices online as part of the subject selection process.


SportGenderYear LevelSportGenderYear LevelSportGenderYear Level
BadmintonM&F7-12Cross CountryM&F10-12AthleticsM&F7-12
EquestrianM&F*7-12Football (AFL)F**10-12Water PoloM&F*7-12
Touch FootballF7-12SoccerM&F7-12

*Conditions apply, please refer to the specific sport information for details
**The Cricket programme (Yr 7-12) and Football programme (Yr 7-8) offer opportunities for female students to participate. Please email if you wish to participate in one of these sports.



Sport Opportunities

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Spring Sport – Term 3

As part of the spring season, Athletics is a whole school sport, with students from Years 7 – 12 combining to form the team. The programme is fortunate to have many well qualified internal and external coaches with international experience. The season culminates in the APS Athletics Final at Olympic Park (Melbourne) in October.

Australian Rules Football

Winter Sport – Terms 2 & 3

All students are exposed to the latest coaching techniques. Each team has a number of experienced coaches – led by Troy Selwood – working with students to develop their skills and knowledge of the game. In addition to this, senior footballers also work with Middle School teams. Students are required to wear mouthguards.


Summer Sport – Terms 1 & 4

Badminton is an inclusive, dynamic and physically demanding sport. It is one of the world’s fastest racquet sports, which makes it a popular sport amongst the students. Geelong Grammar School has been very successful in Badminton in both boys and girls divisions. Training occurs on campus in the Handbury Centre for Wellbeing and combines both on-court coaching and fitness conditioning. The aim is to improve students’ agility, strength, power and speed, as well as their technique and tactics. Much emphasis is also given to the development of a distinct team spirit. While the sport runs throughout Terms 1 and 4 when students train for the APS competition, many choose to continue with Badminton as an activity during the off-season. In Terms 2 and 3 students are able to participate in locally run competitions. Students provide their own racquets.


Summer Sport – Terms 1 & 4

Students selecting cricket are fortunate to have the opportunity to play on quality turf wickets. The School offers a dynamic and exciting programme and participants are provided with high-level coaching within a structured development programme. Interstate and international tours may be offered as part of the programme.

Cross Country

Winter Sport – Terms 2 & 3 

The Senior School Cross-Country programme runs throughout Term 2 and 3. Students train for a total of six APS competitions and other selected races. Training occurs both on and off campus with the purpose of allowing students to gain experience in running on varied and interesting terrains. The aim of the Cross-Country team is to allow students to improve their fitness through the setting of realistic goals that are related to finishing positions within each APS race. The team aspect of this sport is also strongly emphasised and valued.


All year round sport

Whilst Equestrian is offered in both summer and winter seasons, students are limited to one season of Equestrian per year.

The student must have their own horse agisted at Corio and must be prepared to undertake formal training/instruction in consultation with Mrs Marina Oman. There are a number of VEIS Interschool events throughout the year that students are expected to enter and students are required to organise their own transport to get to these competitions. Students may compete for the Geelong Grammar Pony Club which is affiliated with The Pony Club Association of Victoria.

Equestrian is also offered as a co-curricular activity. Middle School Students participating in equestrian as their sport must do so in the normal sport times (Tuesday 3.50pm – 5.00pm, Wednesday 2pm – 3.45pm and Saturday morning 9am – 11am). Students considering equestrian as a sport or a co-curricular activity should contact Mrs Marina Oman 0438 739 377 or, to discuss the requirements and ensure that there is spaces available as places are limited.


Winter Sport – Terms 2 & 3

The School provides an excellent synthetic hockey pitch on which students train and compete. A quality-coaching programme for the players is offered. Students are required to provide their own hockey stick and wear shin guards and mouthguards.


Winter Sport – Terms 2 & 3

Netball is a popular option in the winter season. The programme operates under the direction of former Australian player Tegan Philip. The players benefit from a structured programme under the guidance of quality coaches.


Summer Sport – Terms 1 & 4

Senior School Rowing
Rowing is the ultimate team sport that builds a young person’s character along with a strong and healthy body. Geelong Grammar School has a long and proud history in Rowing. First participating in APS Rowing in the early 1870’s, the school has won 33 Boys’ and 22 Girls’ Heads of the River titles.

With a team of enthusiastic and well credentialed coaches, rowing at GGS has seen a large number of state and national representatives in past years.

The programme is divided into three stages of learning:
The first stage: Middle School (Years 7-8) where the focus is on allowing students to experience the sport and learn the basic skills.

The second stage: Year 10 where the focus is on learning to race and train, and the third stage:
The third stage: Senior levels (Years 11-12) where crews begin training seriously to compete at Rowing Victoria and Championship regattas.

It is expected that students choosing Rowing will have passed the School’s Swimming test or equivalent.

Middle School Rowing
Rowing is offered to Students in Year 7 from Term 4. Please note that Middle School students will not return to School until after 5.15pm on Tuesday. Day Students will therefore not be able to connect with afternoon buses to take them home on these days so they will need to ensure they have alternate transport arrangements in place (this may include pick up from the river or School or Day Boarding). On Wednesday students will return to School in time for afternoon buses. It is expected that students choosing Rowing will have passed the School’s Swimming test or equivalent.


Winter Sport – Terms 2 & 3

Rugby has been a very successful sport at Geelong Grammar School for many years. With many interstate and international students boarding at the school, this is an excellent option for many boys.

Head coach Steve Griffiths is an important part of the programme. Whilst at Harrow he coached with Roger Utley (England Rugby Coach), and toured South Africa, South America, France, Australia and Japan. Steve has also coached the England Schools Barbarians team and was a coach of the Wasps Academy. Steve is also a talented player in his own right, playing National Club level in England and also playing on the 7’s circuit for 2 years throughout the UK and France. Students are to wear mouthguards.


Summer Sport – Terms 1 & 4

The Corio campus is situated on Limeburners Bay which is in close proximity to Corio Bay. This high class sailing venue provides students with an incredible location to hone their skills. The weather and wave patterns of upper Corio Bay provide consistent conditions for summer sailing. The School is very competitive in Victorian fleet and teams racing events under the guidance of professional coaches. It is expected that students choosing Sailing will have passed the School’s Swimming test or equivalent.


Winter Sport – Terms 2 & 3

Snowsports is not offered as a seasonal sport; however students are given the opportunity to be involved in a very successful programme in Term 3. Commencing with the annual GGS Cup and followed by the Victorian Interschools, and for some students, the Nationals. Students wishing to enrol in Snowsports will need to have some experience/proficiency in this sport.


Winter Sport – Terms 2 & 3

Soccer is a very popular sport for both boys and girls. The School offers a number of teams at each year level so each student has the opportunity to find a level commensurate with their skill and ambitions. Development focuses on players technical and physical skills and their understanding of the strategies involved in Soccer. There are many quality coaches within the programme and as such the programme continues to improve. All students must wear shin guards.


Summer Sport – Terms 1 & 4

With an onsite pool the Swimming programme has a number of different squads available for competitive swimmers. It is expected that students choosing Swimming will have passed the School’s Swimming test or equivalent.


Summer Sport – Terms 1 & 4

Tennis is very popular so it is that suggested students should have some proficiency if intending to choose this sport. The Tennis programme offers private tennis lessons and professional coaching for all tennis squads. Students are required to provide their own racquet.

Touch Football

Summer Sport – Terms 1 & 4

Touch Football is the most recent introduction to the School’s sport programme and is one of the most popular and fastest-growing sports in Australia. It is a fast-paced game that requires agility, coordination, communication and teamwork. Divided into two 20-minute halves and a 5 minute half-time, the duration is shorter to other Summer sports, but requires strong aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Touch Football is available for our female Senior School students to participate in.

Water Polo

Spring Sport – Term 3

Water polo is an increasingly popular sport and provides an excellent option for students wishing to prepare for the swimming season, increase their fitness or participate in a sport during the Spring season.

It is expected that students choosing Water polo have passed the School’s Swimming test or equivalent.