Supporting the Sport of Netball at Geelong Grammar School

Our goal is to offer greater parental involvement and advocacy for the sport of Netball at Geelong Grammar School. 

We would like to facilitate this through:
• Bringing parents together to support their children
• Fostering a love of the game for our kids
• Bringing a club atmosphere where every player and parent is valued
• Facilitating communication between parents, coaches, Teacher-In-Charge and the School 


President: Susie Ward
Secretary: Jane Szepe
Treasurer: Jackie Mortimer
General Committee: Jess Barber, Karina McEvoy, Leesa Cowan, Philip Szepe (P'82)


For more information or to contact the Committee, please e-mail Iga Bajer, Support Group & Event Coordinator -


We look forward to bringing you our first edition of the newsletter once the netball season restarts.  


Instagram: @ggs_netball

Facebook: GGSNetball


Life membership of the Netball Support Group is by a one-off subscription only and is open to all Parents and supporters of Netball at Geelong Grammar School. Family membership comes with two supporters' caps and covers all daughters in the family who are playing netball at GGS as well as their parents. Individual membership comes with one supporter's cap. Further caps can also be purchased.

Follow the link to Join the Netball Support Group Membership online


Through the School’s fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF), donations to the Netball Support Group are tax deductible. 
The Club does need funds to continue to provide equipment, improved coaching facilities, provide barbecues at match day, social functions for our parents and supporters, and trophies/badges for our players. This can only occur with your donations and we are grateful for any help you may be able to provide.

So please show your support for Netball at Geelong Grammar by donating today!
Follow this link: 
and remember that every dollar you donate via the ASF is tax deductible.