Geelong Grammar School’s Scholarship Programme offers a range of scholarships made possible through the generosity and support of donors. The School is very grateful to all those who have contributed to the Scholarship Programme.

It is the intention of the School that the General Excellence Scholarship holders will hold the scholarship for the duration of his or her schooling, unless the student’s work or behaviour is such that it is felt that he or she no longer deserves the opportunity to have this assistance.

The value of the award is up to 75% of tuition and day or boarding fees.

Eligibility and application procedure

- Applicants must be Australian or New Zealand citizens or holders of an Australian Permanent Resident Visa
- Candidates should demonstrate an all round ability and be eager to participate in the wide range of opportunities available at the School and respect the philosophy and rules that govern the School
- Current Geelong Grammar School students are not eligible to apply for a General Excellence Scholarship

Parents are asked to complete a financial assessment form and a brief comment in support of assistance.
Students are asked to complete a series of questions in part two of the application.
Last year's school report and interim reports for current year are also required.
Scholarships will be offered once the Scholarship Sub-Committee has met. All awards are reviewed annually.

Note: If a student currently holds a scholarship at another school, this should be disclosed at the interview stage of the application. Applicants will be considered for ALL General Excellence Scholarships as applicable - you do not need to complete individual application forms for each named scholarship.

General Excellence scholarships are now closed for entry in 2019 - applications for entry in 2020 will be open later this year.


These scholarships commemorate the life and work of Sir James Darling (1899-1995). Darling was Headmaster of Geelong Grammar School for 32 years from 1930 to 1961, and was an inspired educational leader, recognised in Australia's Bicentennial year (1998) as one of the 200 'Great Australians'. In accordance with Sir James Darling's wishes to enrol students from a wide range of backgrounds, these scholarships provide places for new students who would not be able to attend Geelong Grammar School without financial assistance, and are offered for Years 7 to 11.


The School awards these scholarships to new students whose parents or grandparents are alumni (Geelong Grammar, The Hermitage or Clyde schools) and wish to attend Geelong Grammar School but who could not do so without financial assistance. These scholarships are offered for Years 7 to 11.


Geelong Grammar School nurtures a vibrant, inspiring and engaging environment for the Visual Arts. Our comprehensive Academic Programme is punctuated by a number of important events, including three major school exhibitions (Middle School, Coriobald and Primed), exhibitions by external artists, Artist-in-Residence programme, House Art competition and Year 10 Creative Arts Workshops. The Visual Arts Scholarship is offered for Years 10 and 11.


The Dick Crummer Scholarship was established in 2008 and was established by Dick’s widow, Patsy in his loving memory. The Richard (Dick) Crummer Scholarship is awarded to a student entering the Corio Campus in Year 7 or in Year 8, who could not attend without financial assistance.


The Frank Covill Scholarship is named in recognition of the magnificent contribution that Frank Covill made to Geelong Grammar School in the 50 years that he worked for the School.

This scholarship is awarded to a child of naturalised Australian parents whose first language is not English.


The T.R. (Tommy) Garnett Scholarship is being created to honour the contribution of Tommy Garnett and his wife Penelope, who steered the School through the challenging years 1961-1973 and whose legacy, most notably in bringing about one of the most significant changes to the School in its history through the introduction of girls, created the modern school of today. The scholarship particularly recognises the contribution that girls have made since 1970. It is hard to imagine what the School would be like today if they hadn’t arrived.

The scholarship will be awarded to students who display qualities of general excellence and demonstrate enthusiasm and interest across the School’s academic and wider co-curricular activities – in the spirit of Tommy Garnett himself, whose interests were so diverse and enthusiastically prosecuted.