It was the first school in Victoria to introduce the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate, which focuses on developing the whole child; combining intellectual rigour and high academic standards with creativity and curiosity. The PYP nurtures collaboration and fosters leadership through action.

The campus also features innovative, open-plan classrooms - light-filled, carefully designed and connected spaces where our students explore, learn and play. We have confidence in our students and provide an environment that encourages them to grow and flourish.

Above all else, our Toorak Campus is a community - it supports the notion that everyone is valued, that everyone is worth listening to and that everyone can make a difference.

Academic Programme

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate provides the framework for our curriculum from Prep to Year 6. Numeracy and Literacy skills underpin everything we do in the classroom. Specialist subjects - Music, Art, Drama, Physical Education, Chinese and Library - support this important foundation work.

The most significant feature of the PYP is the six trans-discplinary themes. These themes create a framework for students to learn across subject areas, which leads to deeper understanding. The key focus of curriculum design at Toorak Campus is to nurture a love of learning through varied and stimulating learning experiences. These experiences interest and engage students, encouraging critical and creative thinking whilst making connections between the classroom and the real world. 



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The Toorak Campus is an innovative campus that features open-plan learning environments and state-of-the-art facilities.  This includes the Glamorgan Centre which houses a Science laboratory, Gymnasium (Isabel McComas Hall) and Art, Music, Drama and Dance learning spaces.  The Toorak Wellbeing Centre caters for the whole community with a focus on wellbeing activities and healthy living. It includes a 25-metre pool, beginners pool, fully equipped Nutrition Centre to facilitate a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden programme and multi-purpose community and classroom spaces.  The Childrens Garden and Coulter library are spaces that are enjoyed both during and out of class time.  There are also a range of play and sporting spaces including the Adventure Playground, tennis and netball courts, undercover play space, the Baillieu Field and a thoughtfully designed dry creek bed and bamboo forest creative play space for Prep and Year 1 students.


Positive Education

Developed from the science of Positive Psychology in collaboration with Professor Martin Seligman and the University of Pennsylvania, the School's Positive Education programme has pioneered the teaching of student wellbeing in a school environment. Our children at Toorak Campus are taught the tools to cope with the demands of a busy life; learning the knowledge and skills to manage failure and build resilience, confidence and optimism.

We are fortunate to have Janet Etty-Leal regularly spend time with all of our children, from ELC to Year 6, to let them experience the benefits of mindful meditation. Students learn other important skills and concepts, including the connection between emotional and physical wellbeing, nutrition and fitness. Studies over the past 20 years suggest that these Positive Psychology programmes lead students to have increased levels of creativity, better critical thinking skills and increased levels of positive emotion.

Early Learning Centre

Housed in a building known as The Pottery, the Toorak Campus Early Learning Centre (ELC) is a beautiful building situated adjacent to the Sutherland Centre, where our Prep and Year 1 classes are located. The close proximity between the two buildings allows for a smooth transition to formal schooling when our young learners emerge from the ELC; the transition from year to year is something the School as a whole takes great pride in.


Our ELC curriculum is inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Children are immersed in literature through storytelling and games, and the ability to process and understand language is encouraged as children engage in meaningful learning experiences. Children enrolled in the ELC are exposed to a wide-range of learning methods and disciplines. eLearning is introduced through the use of computers, digital cameras and scanners as learning tools.

Toorak Campus Handbook (PDF 9.2MB)