History of the Geelong Grammar School Arts Support Group (ASG)

  • The ASG was launched on the 30th July 2003 at Zinc in Federations Square, Melbourne. This was instigated and run by the then Head of Arts Richard Newton;
  • More members were recruited in 2004 and a re-launch was instigated in 2007 but nothing eventuated;
  • We have a large list of members on file from these two recruiting efforts;
  • Membership is free. 
The Geelong Grammar School (GGS) Council has made a firm commitment to the inclusion of Support groups within the School's " Exceptional Education" ethos.
The School wishes to continue the evolution of a 'positive' environment in all facets of the education they offer and will encourage active participation by all members of the GGS community.

The Purpose of the ASG is to support Drama, Music and Visual Arts within GGS. Members could include current and past parents and students, teaching and other school staff, and other interested parties.
The School actively encourages the "relaunch" of the ASG.

The main focus of the ASG is:
  • To foster and support The Arts at GGS, 
  • To provide connections for students and staff into the 'real' Art world to inspire and guide them on their journey, 
  • To promote the positive engagement in Drama, Music and Visual Arts within the GGS community, 
  • To facilitate the connection between parents, students and staff to help promote a positive environment at Art functions through social activities and other events, 
  • To provide assistance at GGS Arts Events/Initiatives in consultation with supervising staff when required, 
  • To facilitate communication between parents, staff and the School, 
  • To raise funds to further enrich the existing GGS programme. 

The School will require the ASG to:
  • Have well-defined membership categories. 
  • Conduct an annual general meeting (AGM) at which: 

-the Committee presents a report to members,
-the Annual Financial Report is presented to members for approval,
-a Committee, comprising a minimum of three officers - a President, Secretary and Treasurer, is elected by the members. 

  • Appoint the Head of Drama, Director of Music and the Head of Art as ex-officio members of the Committee. 
  • Provide the School annually, within 3 months of the date of the AGM, a report covering all matters discussed at the AGM.