Sports Scholarships

Sports scholarships are awarded based on sporting ability, general ability in both academic and co-curricular areas, school reports and the results of interviews.

We expect students awarded a Sports Scholarship to show leadership and be role models in sport and within Geelong Grammar School and the wider community.

The Director of Sport reviews sports scholarships annually after consulting with the Head of House, coaching staff and teaching staff who are in direct contact with the student. The continuance of the scholarship will depend upon a satisfactory review.

The following are expectations of all Sports Scholars and form part of the criteria through which the scholarships are reviewed.

  1. Scholars must compete in three seasons of sport, as outlined in Selection Criteria here.
  2. Sporting performance: Scholars should lead by example in their chosen sports and consistently demonstrate a high level of performance.
  3. Academic Performance: Scholars should maintain a good academic record and a positive approach to all aspects of their studies. This is to ensure that they maintain their academic grades and consistently demonstrate exemplary Attitude and Effort grades of 3, 2, or 1.
  4. Scholars should make themselves available for training sessions, APS matches and other matches as directed by the Director of Sport. There are 3 to 4 training sessions and a minimum of 1 game per week. Non-APS matches may include pre-season matches, tour matches and camps, all of which may be held during the holidays.