Deputy Head of Campus

Timbertop is a unique place.  We don’t necessary go about things in the easiest manner possible.

Rather we go about things in a way that is deliberately challenging. There is minimal effort or hardship involved in flicking the ‘ON’ switch on a gas hot water system. Imagine though, the appreciation one has for a hot shower when you yourself have collected and chopped the wood for the boiler.  Imagine the sense of self-efficacy that is developed when you are the one who lit the fire and fanned the flames in order for the boiler to heat the water. 

Timbertop students experience a multitude of such achievements throughout their Timbertop journey.  The result is a sense of competence and confidence in their ability to problem solve and meet the challenges that the world presents.  I love being part of this journey of growth, alongside an incredible and inspiring group of colleagues.  I feel very fortunate to live and work in the Timbertop community and that the beautiful Victorian High Country is the setting for our adventures. 




Working at Bostock House, as the Prep teacher this year, has been a wonderful experience for me. The Bostock community have been so welcoming and have embraced me with open arms.

Small class sizes have enabled me to provide individualised care and attention for each child.  It has given me the opportunity to form strong bonds with the students and really get to know their strengths and needs. It has also been lovely to bear witness to how the students interact and form close relationships with other students throughout the school. During break times, outside in the yard, you will see multi-age groups of children playing with one another. Bostock House is unique in this way; it is like a little village where everyone takes care of one another.

I feel very privileged to be a part of this wonderful learning community.



As the Physical Education Teacher, I get to play games all day with the ‘little’ people of Bostock House!

It can be high energy work but without fail, always entertaining. The curiosity and enthusiasm in which children present keep me on my toes to create fun and challenging tasks that are centred around passions and developmental stages. Ninja Warrior obstacle courses have been a favourite for some time! The younger groups enjoy imaginative, free-flowing games which incorporate basic rules and fundamental movement skills. The older students thrive playing competitive, strategical, and fun elimination or scoring ball and racquet games.

There is much pleasure to be had observing the progression of skill development as students move through Bostock House and onto Middle School. When the weather is good there is nowhere I would rather be!



Teaching at Corio is so much more than a classroom job.

I love coaching my beloved 3rds Cricket team, being on duty in the boarding house, and walking around campus with my family. There is such a nice community feel here. Being so closely involved in the students’ extra-curricular activities makes for a special two-way connection that allows me to have a meaningful impact on many students’ lives both in and out of the classroom. At the end of each year, I always see the Year 12 students leave, and feel confident that this school has sent them out into the world with knowledge, skills, and resilience that stands them in good stead for their future.



I joined Timbertop fairly recently and work in Grounds and Maintenance. Everyone just chips in here, and there is a lot of variety in what I do. We might be completing maintenance on a Unit or doing a Hike drive. We get to know the students and they get to know us too.

That is what I love most about my job, that I am doing something different every day and we’re a part of the school community.


Head of Teaching & Learning

Timbertop has been a formative part of my life since I attended as a student in 2003.

Since then, I have been drawn back to the community and the mountains in several different roles; always seeking another dose of the lessons that this campus teaches to students and adults alike. 14-year-old Laura would be incredulous that I am still here as it was far from an easy year, but that is the reason in a nutshell.

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to support our students here in the same way as I was supported decades ago.


Head of Unit

There are many things I love about living and working at Timbertop!

The most rewarding part is the opportunity to develop long-lasting meaningful relationships with students and colleagues. As someone who loves the outdoors, it is such a pleasure to explore our local mountains with the students, introduce them to this unique Alpine environment and share in adventures together. In my role as a Head of Unit, I am able to nurture and support individual’s growth and development over their year at Timbertop and foster a caring collective of students. Being a part of this positive, high performing, collaborative (and slightly wacky!) community, brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction. 



Bostock House is a welcoming unique learning environment arranged amongst oak trees in the heart of the leafy suburb of Newtown. I teach in the Early Learning Centre (ELC) educating and caring for three-, four- and five-year-old children.

I view every child’s learning as a process of a construction of knowledge, competency, and autonomy in a learning environment that reflects the child’s interest. What drew me to Geelong Grammar School is their philosophy, beliefs and commitment to the development of the ‘whole child’ through exceptional education. This is reflective of my own philosophy, I believe every child is unique, capable and an active contributor to their own learning in an environment that is supportive and has a genuine sense of belonging.

I feel privileged and honoured to be able to support the ELC children in their creative process as they work towards reaching their full potential.


Head of Unit

I feel very privileged to have been a part of the Geelong Grammar School community for the last 4 years across both the Corio and Timbertop campuses.

I appreciate the strong relationships that form between staff and students living and working together in a boarding environment. It’s a unique place to teach and the work feels very purposeful and meaningful. Every day at Timbertop is a new adventure and I’m astounded by how far I’ve been able to push my body to overcome challenges and see some incredible places. The nature around Timbertop is beautiful and I feel very lucky to be able to call this place my workplace and home.