Purposeful pathways and possibilities

Senior School (Years 10 – Year 12) is an energising time when our students are surrounded by choice, challenge, pathways and possibilities. Students are presented with a broad and stimulating programme that aims to engage and inspire, underpinned by unparalleled pastoral and wellbeing frameworks that support and nurture our students’ social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

As part of a boarding community, students are immersed in a positive and supportive environment, with extended academic, learning and co-curricular support, exceptional staff and facilities, and opportunities well beyond classroom learning. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and personal growth, which is seen as essential for the next stages of their education and imperative for a healthy and meaningful adult life.

Catherine & Ant

Heads of Senior School

In partnership with parents and guardians, we hold the needs of students foremost in all our decision making and interactions.

Securing a bright future

Whatever post-secondary pathway our students desire, we are committed to ensuring that our students have the attitudes, competencies and capabilities to thrive, the self-belief, courage and curiosity to embrace the challenges they may encounter, and the compassion to continue the enduring Geelong Grammarian spirit of helping others.

Curricular structure

Our Senior School academic programme provides choice and challenge. Students can pursue a pathway that is aligned to their interests, talents and goals through the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme. Both are academically rigorous, internationally accepted and provide a full range of tertiary education opportunities for our graduating students.


Student Wellbeing & Progress: Pathways programme

The Pathways programme supports Senior School students as they navigate purposeful choices through Years 10 to Year 12, and in readiness for life beyond. Pathways occurs in the timetable three times a week, and through a range of group learning experiences students are taught skills for learning (study habits, sleep habits, work environments); personal wellbeing (positive relationships, mind-body connection); tertiary pathways (goal setting, coaching); leadership, career and service.

Similar to the Navigate programme in Middle School, students are supported by a Learning Coach who facilitates self-directed learning experiences, as well as the identification and pursuit of goals for learning, wellbeing and growth. Students complete Student Action Plans to identify their personal quarterly goals and pathways towards achieving them.

Wellbeing Programme

Careers Support for Students

Our Careers Department works extensively with students from Year 10 onwards to ensure that they are supported to make informed decisions about their futures based upon a realisation of their talents, skills and interests. Individual Career appointments are available on demand for all students, with peak times leading up to subject selection and tertiary course applications.

The annual Careers Day at Corio also provides an opportunity for students and parents to talk to local and interstate universities, along with GAP year providers and Residential colleges.

University and Leaver Destinations

Sport in Senior School

The playing fields offer students the opportunity to not only develop physical skills and capabilities, but to also nurture their social and emotional wellbeing through the collective pursuit of competition sport. Whether it is hockey, cricket, rugby or netball, we provide opportunities in a variety of fields for all students to be a part of. Whilst we do not prescribe which sport students play, we do insist that they are involved in something.

Mid-week training occurs on Tuesday and Wednesday after school and competitions are played on Saturday mornings. All students are required to participate in a Summer and Winter season of Sport and encouraged to take part in Athletics in the Spring season.  

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Music in Senior School

The School’s broad music programme caters for all Senior School students, from the most serious academic to the hobbyist. Built upon a strong musical tradition, we continue to evolve our music program to support aspiring musicians across a range of musical genres and styles.


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Drama in Senior School

The School hosts a vibrant and diverse range of dramatic compositions, varying from musicals and classics to the latest in contemporary drama, House plays of all types and small-cast, physical theatre pieces.

The annual Senior School play takes place in Term 1, and the Senior School musical in Term 3, and are open to all Senior School students by audition. Senior School students also have the opportunity to attend excursions through the year to see professional theatrical productions in Melbourne.

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Visual Arts in Senior School

Senior School students pursuing artistic interests enjoy a diverse range of course offerings, allowing them to explore subject areas such as Photography and Visual Communication Design (VCD) and further develop, extend and refine technical skills and knowledge, as well as the ability to critically analyse different artworks, artistic styles and cultural influences.

Our students are surrounded by passionate and talented staff, many of who are practising artists themselves, who are are dedicated to supporting students to bring out their best.

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There is always so much to be involved in at Corio. You are never bored.

Boarding in Senior School

There are ten Senior School Houses, four girls’ Boarding Houses, four boys’ Boarding Houses and two co-educational day boarding houses.

Transitioning into Senior School

Senior School is a popular choice for families seeking a well-rounded programme that provides support and structure in the final years of academic study. Whether joining us in Year 10 or 11, we are highly sensitive to this significant time of transition and helping students in adapting to new routines, learning experiences, friendships and expectations.