A message from Diana Hammond

The Early Learning Centre (ELC) at Bostock House aims to provide a rich and meaningful education that inspires children’s hands, hearts and minds. Each individual child is welcomed, valued and nurtured to be the best they can be. Children are involved in fun, engaging and authentic learning opportunities which enable learning in the present and encourage a joy for lifelong learning.

Positive Education begins in the ELC and is embedded in our daily rituals of meditation and mindfulness, expressing gratitude daily and identifying and nurturing each individual’s strengths.

Creative Education is highly valued and fostered through exploration of the Arts and Reggio Emilia’s Hundred Languages of Children.

Adventure Education is prioritised, and children are encouraged to be adventurers in their physical, social and cognitive learning.

We aim to empower children to be agents of change, to live and learn authentically and in doing so to inspire and shape a better world. We look forward to sharing an exciting period of learning and discovery together.